13 References In 'Gilmore Girls' That Will Age You

If you can believe it, Rory Gilmore's first day at Yale was nearly 12 years ago. Even though Gilmore Girls' last episode aired in 2007, the show has found new life and a new fanbase on Netflix. A whole new generation of coffee and junk food loving fast-talkers have been born thanks to the streaming service, despite the fact that many young viewers probably don't catch half of the show's pop culture references. Gilmore Girls was written by and for pop culture addicts. There are as many winks to John Hughes movies as there are eye rolls by Michel.

Now Gilmore Girls has become part of the television lexicon to which it so passionately paid tribute. Lorelai was my generation's Carol Brady — the dependable TV mom who always had the right thing to say. Though, unlike Carol Brady, Lorelai is a little more realistic of a portrayal of an actual person in society. However, like Carol Brady, the world in which Lorelai lived was a tribute to a time period long past.

As timeless as many Gilmore Girls episodes are, there are plenty of moments that, if you catch the reference, will age you faster than joining the DAR in your early 20s.

1. When Emily Asks, "What Can We Do In A Bathroom?"

The George Michael controversy Lorelai is referencing happened in 1998.

2. When The Roomba Was A New Invention

This was well before Tom Haverford's DJ Roomba from Parks and Recreation ever came to be and fascination with a self-guiding vacuum was at an all time high.

3. When Arcade Fire Wasn't Mainstream

Lorelai wasn't a regular mom, she was a cool mom.

4. When Lorelai Talked About The Donna Reed Show The Way We Now Talk About Gilmore Girls


5. When Rory's Book Collection Wasn't In A Kindle

Can you imagine?

6. When Richard Was Gobsmacked By Wireless Internet

I remember the days of dial-up. Heck, I even remember the days before the Internet was a household staple. The Dark Ages!

7. When Lorelai Made This Reference To Jude Law's Infidelity In 2005

Total ice burn.

8. When Rory Had These Strange Feelings

Better get used to it, kiddo.

9. When Mick Jagger Wasn't Just The Guy Adam Levine Sings About

He pops up often:

You see. kids, there once was a band by the name of The Rolling Stones...

10. When Kirk Made This Mailbox

Ah yes, there was a time when Hillary Clinton wasn't the only female politician under fire.

11. When Brangelina Hadn't Happened Yet

While discussing Max with Rory, Lorelai makes this comparison, "You can’t always control who you’re attracted to, you know. I think the whole Angelina Jolie–Billy Bob Thornton thing really proves that." Yeah, folks. There was a time when Angelina wasn't the poster child for Hollywood royalty, and instead rode the weirdness train.

12. When The Smashing Pumpkins Were Quintessential Angst Rock

What even are the kids moshing to these days?

13. When Jon Hamm Looked Like This On The Show

Hair... not... swept... to... the... side... doesn't... com... pute.

Actually, most of the "modern" pop culture references in the show will make you feel pretty old, especially when you have to explain them to your younger cousin, who is just diving into Gilmore Girls. Ah, well, Autumn is here, so it's high time to crack into the Gilmore Girls vault.

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