18 Problems Only 'Gilmore Girls' Fans Understand

by Rachel Simon

In my opinion, there are only two types of people in the world: those who love Gilmore Girls , and those who have never seen it. It's simply impossible to dislike the WB series, because everything about it — from the dialogue to the acting to the now-iconic romances — was incredible. There's a reason people were so excited about that Netflix move and the upcoming Gilmore Girls cast reunion; eight years after its series finale, Gilmore Girls is just as beloved a show as it was during its run, if not even more so.

But, as all TV superfans know, loving a series, especially Gilmore Girls, isn't as easy as simply turning on the right channel and marathoning a few episodes. There's planning, shipping (Jory forever), convincing skeptical male friends that guys could like Gilmore Girls, too, and so much more. Being a hardcore viewer takes a lot of effort. Thankfully, we fans are up to the task, willing and able to take on whatever challenges being a GG obsessive presents.

So for those who don't get it, and for those that do, here are 18 problems Gilmore Girls fans will undoubtedly understand.

1. You Can't Believe That Stars Hollow Isn't a Real Place

Sure, there are similar small towns out there, but show me one that offers year-round festivals, gorgeous gazebos, and village meetings run by hilariously angry mayors.

2. But You Still Travel Hours to See the Town It's Based On

It's all in the name of research, right?

3. You Don't Get Why Drinking That Much Coffee Isn't Healthy

But Lorelai and Rory did it, and they turned out fine! Sort of.

4. And Why No One Will Listen When You Talk That Fast

They're clearly just not trying hard enough.

5. You Get Angry Every Time Lorelai Isn't with Luke

Sorry, Max and Jason, but it just wasn't your time. As for Christopher? No sympathy. He just got in the way.

6. And Whenever Rory Isn't with Jess

Which is a lot of the series, but you just can't help feeling oppressed by the fact that Dean and Logan aren't Jess.

7. You Can't Hear the Theme Song without Singing Along

"If you're out on the road, feeling lonely and so cold..."

8. You Feel Physically Pained When Lorelai and Rory Fight

Worst eight episodes of your life.

9. You Base Your Haircuts Off Rory's

Rory Gilmore got bangs in college, so I got bangs in college.

10. But Use Lorelai as What Not to Wear

It's easy to want to base all of your look on the Gilmore girls, but, in this case, you're better off copying Emily's jackets than Lorelai's fuzzy sweaters.

11. You Spend More Time Than Ever Rewatching Episodes

Thanks to Netflix, you're never leaving the house.

12. You Cried When You Heard about the Reunion

And then again when you realized you couldn't be there. #FOMO

13. You Have Unrealistic Expectations for Mother-Daughter Relationships

"Why don't we talk eight times a day and wear each other's clothes, Mom?" you ask before remembering exactly why not.

14. You're Still Waiting for That Jess Spinoff

Windward Circle, we'd watch you any time.

15. You're Still Looking Up Every Pop Culture Reference

How did Lorelai and Rory even have time to learn this many pieces of inane movie trivia?!

16. And Still Trying to Get Through Rory's Reading Lists

It's totally possible to read 339 books over summer vacation, right?

17. You're Still Angry About the Emmys, or Lack Thereof

Sure, an Emmy for makeup is nice, but what about awards for Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, or Kelly Bishop? Or how about for the show's writers, or the show itself? Not cool, Emmys. Not cool.

18. You Can Only See the Cast as Their Gilmore Characters

It doesn't matter how many seasons Jared Padalecki has played Sam Winchester, or Lauren Graham Sarah Braverman. To you, they will always be Dean and Lorelai.

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