Instagram Launches New Section For Fashion Week

by Jade Melise Herrin

I have news for the fashion girls of the world. While not everyone has the privilege of sitting in on a show or even being in New York during Fashion Week, but on Friday, Instagram is launching a NYFW section that will feature all things pertaining to the event! We've made it, everyone. This means we don't have to miss a moment of what's going down on and off the runways, even if we're miles away from the action.

According to WWD, the special section will be called, "The Best of Fashion Week Updated Daily By @Instagram." Typically you would have clicked on the #NYFW hashtag on Instagram to see all the relevant photos, but not without having to wade through a multitude of irrelevant and bad (for the lack of a better word) ones that don't truly highlight the event's best moments. But not any longer. This time there will only be "the best content from the shows, behind the scenes, in addition to street style and after parties," according to the publication. #Bless

I have a few friends who applied to get into the Givenchy show, only to have their dreams crushed because they weren't chosen. Such a bummer! Except now we'll all basically be front row with this stellar new addition to Instagram. There will be an option to follow the best of the best bloggers and accounts via the explore feature, but here are a few to get your excitement going!

1. @le21eme

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Adam Katz Sinding's Instagram account is a veritable cornucopia of street style moments.

2. @angelicablick

This blogger is bound to be snapping pictures from the center of it all.

3. @evachen212

The new Head of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram is a must-follow during fashion week.

4. @manrepeller

Because obviously.