Why Do People Break Up? 11 Women Reveal Why Their Last Relationships Ended


What are the reasons couples break up? When our relationships fail, we sometimes wonder if there was something we could have done to save them — or if there were warning signs we could have heeded to get out sooner. While we don't always notice these signals as a relationship begins to take a nose-dive, sometimes we can look back afterward and determine what went wrong. And if we're good learners, perhaps we can even spot the same problem if it arises again in the future.

But why not learn from everyone's relationships, not just our own? It's much easier than learning the hard way! I set out to provide that opportunity by asking 11 women why their last relationships ended. Some of their answers may clue you in on what to watch out for in your own love life, while some simply could not have been predicted or avoided. Others still are probably what you'd already expect: poor communication, incompatible values, and infidelity, for example. Oh, and encouragingly, despite a recent study reporting that 27 percent of women have ended a relationship due to inadequate penis size, nobody brought up that issue or bad sex in general, so you can all let out a sigh of relief, guys.

Here are 11 breakup stories we can either learn from — or simply commiserate over:

1. Different Values (aka, Valuing NOT Being A Dick)

2. Unequal Division Of Labor

3. Unreliability

4. A Failed Attempt At Polyamory

5. Deteriorating Passion

6. An External Tragedy

7. Poor Communication

8. An Abusive, Cheating Partner

9. Never Really Having A Relationship In The First Place

10. Lack Of Long-Term Potential

11. Ghosting

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