Why Did I Get Dumped? 19 Real Things People Have Broken Up Over


Although breakups are never easy, sometimes the the reason for breaking up can make it feel even worse. For example, I broke up with my junior high school boyfriend because of his haircut and a friend of mine in college broke up with a girl because he was offended that she didn’t own any vinyl, as in records, but did own a record player. I mean, this seriously offended him, to the point that I imagine wherever he is today, he’s still bitching about it.

But, despite how ridiculous those two things sound, people have been dumped or dumped someone for probably even more absurd reasons. How absurd? Well, how does being dumped because you don’t know a certain band or because someone gave you up for Lent sound? Yes, that’s the type of WTF I’m talking about here.

Knowing that there was world of strange, but also legitimate reasons as to why someone would breakup with someone, I asked some Bustle readers to share their experiences on the topic. As usual, the answers did not fail to be entertaining, a bit sad, and somewhat enlightening, too. Here are nineteen real reasons why people have either broken up with someone or been dumped.

1. Britni, 30

2. Jennie, 29

3. Sarah, 35

4. Rachel, 24

5. Cate, 25

6. Sarah, 28

7. Jen, 36

8. Becky, 29

9. Jill, 35

10. Mieko, 30

11. Chelsea, 24

12. Colleen, 31

13. Caitlin, 29

14. Casey, 31

15. Leigh, 27

16. Mandy, 35

17. Lea, 28

18. Kathryn, 26

19. Kristine, 24

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