Ariana Grande's Vocal Cords Are Bulletproof

by Nicole Pomarico

Regardless of how you feel about her and her ponytail, you can't deny that Ariana Grande has some serious talent. Obviously, though, a talent like that comes with a few risks, especially when you're someone like Grande who pushes her vocal cords to their physical limits on a regular basis during performances, on tour, and recording albums. We've seen it all before, with similarly talented folks like Adele, who actually had to have surgery last year for her cords, and in Pitch Perfect, when the idea of having vocal nodes was an immediate career-ender. But as as of right now, it sounds like Grande has somehow managed to successfully avoid any issues , and she has a medical opinion to prove it. According to one of her recent tweets, Grande's doctor said she's a "bulletproof bitch" for the way her throat has stood up to everything she's put it through. And considering how busy she's been lately, it's actually kind of a miracle.

Think about it: She's constantly hitting high notes, she's been on tour for most of this year and is still on tour right now, and despite the fact that it sounds like she's been fighting off a cold, her vocal cords are no worse for the wear. That's impressive.

Grande's doc is right. She is, in fact, a bulletproof bitch, and these videos that show off her vocal range prove that they've been capable of being put through hell and coming out totally fine.

This Live Performance Of "Right There"

Like the video description says, it almost looks like she's putting in zero effort to hit those high notes, but you know there must be some strain happening there. Or not? Maybe she's actually just a mythical creature? Who's to say?

This Cover Of "Emotions"

Anytime you're covering a Mariah Carey song, it's not going to be an easy task, but Grande is flawless.

This Performance Of "Break Free" From Her Tour

This song is impossible to sing along to without screaming if you're just an average human being without Grande's voice, which means she's putting her talent to work big time. Also, she's so sparkly. It has nothing to do with her voice, but it's still a fact.

This Performance Of "Bang Bang"

I would like to point out the fact that she is dancing, jumping around, and sounds incredible all at the same time. How is this even possible?

I have no doubt that Grande is currently kicking the ass of whatever illness she has, and I'm amazed that it hasn't affected her voice at all. Whoever her sassy doctor is, she should keep around — whatever they're doing is totally working.