Why Staying Single Is Ideal For Bieber Right Now

Justin Bieber has been the apple of many girls' eyes for years — and yet, despite this, he's actually been single for years now. Since his long lasting, on-again/off-again relationship with Selena Gomez came to an end in 2014, Bieber has made the decision to remain single. It's a fine decision, of course, but a curious one as well — considering he's Justin Bieber, what influenced his decision to stay a single man?

Rumors about his current relationship status have been floating around ever since the release of Bieber's "What Do You Mean?" video — specifically, rumors that he could be in a relationship with his beautiful, model co-star, Xenia Deli. However, in a recent Australian radio show interview with Kyle and Jackie O, the Biebs set the record straight: In the interview, he let listeners know that the main reason why he currently does not have a leading lady in his life is because he is still getting over his past relationship with his first love, Miss Gomez. In fact, the "Baby" singer admitted:

I haven't been in a relationship for a while now. I'm chilling and just hanging out. Just being by myself. I am a relationship type of guy, I love to be in love and I love cuddling and I love all of that kind of stuff but I got my heart broken and so I'm just going to let that heal up.

Ugh, he loves to cuddle? Yes, in case you were wondering, that sound you are hearing is the sound of fans like myself crying at the thought of what it would be like being Bieber's cuddle buddy. While Beliebers might be in luck since Justin Bieber is finally single again, I think that Bieber is also in luck himself.

Like he said himself, he needs time to chill and heal. It will help him in the face of future relationships, especially since he is in a different place than he was at the beginning of his relationship with Gomez. He's a 21-year-old boy who has had his heart broken, and is now trying to navigate his way through life before settling down again — it's a move worthy of respect. Here's why:

He Had His Heart Broken

Heartbreak has no specific remedy, but the "Where Are U Now" singer is taking the right steps towards healing. Taking a break from romantic pursuits is a good way for him to let his heart heal by protecting it from getting broken again. Sometimes, you just have to put that guard back up, and it seems like that is what Biebs intends to do.

He Can Write A Killer Heartbreak Song

Taylor Swift, Adele, Beyoncé, and other female powerhouses have all mastered the art of turning your heartbreak into a masterpiece. With Bieber's new album dropping this November, I'm sure he'll include some hits that will not only sound amazing, but serve as an emotional release of sorts for him.

He Can Concentrate On Promoting His New Album

This fall is going to be a big one for The Biebs! His November release is set to be an amazing one, and I know I speak on behalf of a lot of Beliebers when I say that the excitement for his comeback is unreal. Bieber should be excited, all of the preparation and promotion for his new album will help distract him from the heartbreak, and remind him of all of the other beautiful things in life, like his music itself.

A broken heart needs time to heal. That's why we should be nothing but supportive for Bieber through this time while he works on himself. It is time for him to leave the hurt and disappointment from his past relationship in the past as he moves on to different things. Best of luck, Bieber!