'Finding Carter' Season 2B Will Be Intense

O. M. G. I wasn't remotely ready for Finding Carter's season finale last season, but I wasn't even close to ready for all of the drama that was unveiled in this new Finding Carter Season 2B trailer. Take it from me, MTV show fans: brace yourselves, because if this trailer is any indication, Season 2B is going to take us on an emotional, drama filled roller-coaster with Carter and her twisted friends and family. The show returns in a little less than a month (on October 6, to be specific), but it's clear it's going to have us all biting our nails until then.

When I happened to stumble upon the full length trailer for MTV's Finding Carter this afternoon, my heart skipped a couple of beats. We viewers were left at the edge of our seats at the close of last season, when it was revealed at Lori's trial that Carter has a brother on Lori's side. That moment when her mysterious brother (played by Twilight heartthrob Jackson Rathbone) — who she met casually outside of the courtroom — was brought to the stand, it was a majorly jaw-dropping moment. Like — excuse me, what? Where did he even come from? What will he add to the storyline?

According to EW, the drama is just as real as it sounds:

As Carter gets to know the mysterious brother she never knew she had, she also must figure out who she wants to be and where she really belongs. She ultimately decides to drop out of school to find her own path, and lies her way into a job as a bartender where she sees herself in a whole new light. She’ll even introduce her inner circle to a racy, underground party circuit. Her new, fast lifestyle is the perfect replacement for the tedium of high school, until it speeds out of her control… and she needs her family more than ever.

New people are being added to Carter's already crazy life — and with the addition of a wild new job, and the constant drama that takes place with her friends and family, what could possibly happen next? Judging from the above statement, as well as the intense trailer, this season will definitely be one for the books — and have us asking tons of questions, all of which I hope to be answered.

What's Up With Carter's Brother?

The newest addition to the Finding Carter cast is sure to come with his own share of drama. Based off of the trailer, it looks like he will be getting into some "crash before his transformation"-style drama with the police, and more. Will Carter's curiosity and eagerness to get to know her new family member force her to be dragged into his trouble as well? Judging from the amount of mess that Carter already has to deal with on a week to week basis, I sure hope not.

Is Gabe's Father's Passing Negatively Affecting Him?

Based off of this trailer alone, it sure does look like it. Our favorite, floppy-haired boy wonder has every right to mourn the tragic loss of his father and only guardian left, but it looks as if he has fallen into bad boy territory, and Taylor is struggling to help him. Will this affect her relationship with Max, and friendship with Gabe?

Where Is Bird?

Charles Norfleet/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One of the key members of Carter's close-knit friend group is notably missing from this season's trailer. What is she up to? Last season, she had major legal issues regarding shady work her parents had been partaking in, and even found love with Carter's best friend from home, Madison. Will she be prevalent again this season?

Will Lori Continue to Fight Her Way Into Carter's Life?

It sure does look like it. I think that it is pretty clear that Lori Stevens will stop at nothing to make sure that Carter finds her way back to her as her "daughter." The arrival of Carter's long lost brother seems to fulfill this purpose — and judging from the trailer, I am sure that Lori has more surprises like this up her sleeves.

Will Max And Taylor's Relationship Survive?

These two lovebirds ended the season on some rocky ground earlier this year. Taylor was heartbroken and shaken when she found out from Max and Carter that the long time best friends had done the deed. However, she remains a major part of Max's life, and still maintain their relationship. Will it survive amidst Season 2B's twists and turns?

For some reason, it's all of this mystery that makes it even more lovable and addicting. Tune in to MTV every Tuesday starting October 6th for all of the drama, plot twists, and emotional heart string tugs that is Finding Carter.

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