What To Know About Ansel Elgort’s DJ Career

by Maggie Malach

Ansel Elgort is taking his talents off the screen and into the recording studio. The actor has been performing under the moniker DJ Ansolo, so this shouldn't be a surprise to fans. However, Elgort just landed a record deal, which means his music could be just as present in his career as movies are. For those who are new to DJ Ansolo, welcome! Here's what you need to know about the actor's musical project.

He totally understands that it's not easy to transition from movies to music. "I'm going to battle with credibility my whole career as Ansolo, because people will just say I'm an actor trying to get into this," he told Billboard. "But I have no need to get into this. My acting is going great. I don't want to make more money. If I did, I wouldn't be making groovy house music."

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Elgort said he's been into music for four years:

I was writing music all the time and had just written seven or eight songs on the piano — just piano and vocal. With piano, I thought of it as just two channels. That's it. Whereas with dance music, it was like writing whole symphonies. I had no clue how to do it, but then I downloaded Ableton during senior year of high school. It took me about a year before I ever made anything I was happy with. I would write melodies, but I had no idea how to produce. Over the next year, my production really came together, and now it's been a little over three years. Four years in October.

Curious to hear some of Elgort's music? I thought so. He has a pretty established DJ Ansolo SoundCloud, but you can stream his 2014 Electric Zoo set below.

Now that Elgort has a record deal, what's next for DJ Ansolo? He told Rolling Stone that first up, he wants to release music. "I don't want to force a tour," he said. "I want the tour to be something everyone is so excited about and say, 'Wow, I loved his last EP or his last album. I can't wait to hear the songs live.'" Elgort also mentioned the first single he'll release will be called "To Life."

There's no word on when we'll hear the music DJ Ansolo is working on with Island Def Jam, but given his passion, I hope it'll be soon!