Liz Is Not America’s Favorite Houseguest On 'BB17'

by Sally Mercedes

With just three weeks of Big Brother 17 left, the houseguests are getting more and more excited about the three awards up for grabs each season: winner, runner-up, and America's Favorite Houseguest. The winner and runner-up win $500,000 and $50,000 respectively, while the Big Brother 17 America's Favorite Houseguest will take home a respectable $25,000. For the last few years, CBS has asked the viewers to vote for their favorite player out of all the houseguests, going way back to the first person evicted. It's normal for the remaining houseguests to have a warped perception of reality, especially when it comes to fan reactions and the prize for favorite player. Last year, for instance, Frankie was completely convinced he was America's fave, not realizing most of America hated him. Donny won instead. This year, it's the Austwins who are setting themselves up for disappointment because Austin is convinced that Liz will be voted America's Favorite Houseguest. Oh, Austin, your delusion amazes me more and more every day.

I can't tell you why Austin is so certain that his lady love will soon be $25,000 richer, but I can give you three reasons why she's definitely not winning America's Favorite Houseguest.

Showmancing With Austin

Viewers do not support this showmance. Between Austin's earlier comments about his girlfriend at home, Liz's constant flip-flopping on whether she even likes him, and his ponytail beard, their relationship just makes fans like each of them less as separate houseguests.

Her Diary Room Demeanor

I think most people will agree that Liz can get pretty full of herself and even mean in the Diary Room. This is exactly the type of behavior that made fans turn on Frankie, who started off the season just fine in the viewers' eyes.

She's Even Meaner On The Live Feeds

Some people might think production sets up Liz's Diary Room packages in a way that comes across as rude, but the live feeders are constantly complaining about Liz and Julia being the mean girls of the season. They were always calling other houseguests names, and that's not going to get them very many votes from the feeders.

So, if not Liz, who will win America's Favorite Houseguest? If the fan polls online are any indication, Johnny Mac has had this award on lock for weeks, with James presenting his only real competition. John's eviction was met with a roar from the live audience, and now that James is out of sight, maybe he'll stay out of mind for the fans.

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Image: CBS