'The League' Is Bringing A Lot Back For Season 7

When much-loved television shows end, most like to leave little calling cards throughout their final seasons as Easter eggs for long-time fans. The League, it seems, is one of these shows. With Tuesday night marking the premiere of Season 7, The League has plenty of goodbyes to say before it wraps everything up. In the premiere, viewers got to see Pete’s ex-wife, Meegan, whom we haven’t seen since Season 2 (though they divorced in Season 1), and, perhaps best of all, Mr. McGibblets. For those of you who need a refresher on Mr. McGibblets, he is one of Ellie’s favorite characters. Back in Season 1, Kevin hired Taco to put on a Mr. McGibblets suit to scare Ellie into not liking him anymore, except it didn’t work — Ellie loved it and he's made numerous appearances since. Now, Mr. McGibblets is back on The League once again.

One of the best parts of The League is all the layering on of jokes. Many gags are repeated throughout the course of the show, so it’s fun for viewers to catch onto things that they’ve seen since the beginning. The show is also largely improved, which means that all of those jokes that we love so much just appeared in these actors’ heads and onto our screen. That is also awesome. In honor of Mr. McGibblets’ arrival, I’ve compiled a list of everything old that The League needs to make new again before the show ends this season.

The Fear Boner

Back in Season 2, it was revealed that Kevin gets an erection when he’s really, really scared. Since then, other iterations of the boner have been instituted (Rafi gets a murder boner when he’s about to kill someone), but I think that the fear boner needs to come back, and not just for the song.

Vinegar Strokes

The term for the last few movements before sexual climax, Taco claims that you can really see into a man’s soul during his vinegar strokes (named as such because one makes a face that makes it look like one is sniffing a cup of vinegar). We’ve seen vinegar strokes from Ruxin, Ruxin’s dad, and Jenny, but there are still plenty we haven’t seen.

Bobbum Man

In Season 3, all of the guys shared these weird characters they used to do in college, and Pete’s was called “Bobbum Man.” Bobbum Man used to threaten Kevin’s “bobbums,” and I just don’t think that so fully fleshed a horrific character has been used enough over the seven seasons of the show.

The Marathon

The what?

Andre’s Flute Playing & Goatee

One of the Sacko punishments for Andre (because this poor guy always loses) was having to play a pan flute at bus commuters, and another was that he had to grow this horrific — and I mean truly horrific — goatee. Since there is no hair on his head, it’s a fun gag, and one that I think should be explored further. Beard growing contest? Weird hair-growing disease?

Pocket Dogs

Because sometimes you just want a hot dog, and Rafi always has one in his pocket. Hence, pocket dogs.

I don't think any of this is too much to ask of The League before it leaves us for good.

Images: Patrick McElhenney/FX (2)