12 Knit Accessories To Go With All Those Sweaters

I'm not trying to hate on winter weather (OK, maybe a little), but the only good part about it is being able to comfortably wear sweaters. But if you too live for chunky, comfy knits wrapped around your body, don't just stop at sweaters. Add some sweater-knit accessories to your wardrobe to really round out the snuggly effect of an all-sweater ensemble. I'm talking hats, gloves, scarves, even socks and shoes. Because does any part of your body really deserve to be without the softness and warmth of a sweater?

Maybe I'm coming across a little melodramatic here. But as human beings who still have to function when it's cold and dark (why??), enveloping ourselves in sweater knits is about as close to hibernation as we can get. (And I don't know about you, but I'm all for sleeping through snow and ice and freezing temps.) But since we can't actually be in a dormant state for the next five months, here are 12 sweater-knit accessories to pair with actual sweaters, that might help us all stay in a cuddly and cozy state of mind — even if we do still have to be real people doing real things.

1. Slouchy Beanie

Phase 3 Chunky Rib Knit Beanie, $24, Nordstrom

Just as thick and comfy as your favorite sweater.

2. Cat-Ear Beanie

Cat Ear Beanie Hat, $26, Top Shop

Because, really, how cute??

3. Panama Hat

Mint By Goorin Bros. Cable Knit Panama Hat, $20, Urban Outfitters

For a little structure with your sweater knit.

4. Head Wrap

Tasha Chunky Knit Head Wrap, $20, Nordstrom

Knotted, chunky, warm, and soft. AKA the perfect cold-weather accessory.

5. Scarf

MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Cable Knit Scarf, $78, Lord & Taylor

A cozy and chic sweater scarf is a closet-staple.

6. Infinity Scarf

Madewell Softest Knit Infinity Scarf, $60, Nordstrom

Oh, and infinity-versions are always necessary.

7. Convertible Gloves

Mixed Knit Convertible Gloves, $4, Top Shop

Why let a sweater stop at your wrists, when you can be cozy down to your fingertips?

8. Tights

Tintoretta Marled Knit Tights, $40, Anthropologie

If tights are happening in the winter, they'd better be sweater tights.

9. Leg Warmers

Cable Zen Legwarmer, $28, Free People

I'll take a pair for every day of the week, thank you.

10. Knee-Highs

Capsule Cable Over-The-Knee Sock, $28, Free People

Don't act like you don't want your feet wrapped up in cable-knit socks.

11. Shoes

Adidas By Stella McCartney Ultra Boost Knit Sneakers, $260, Anthropologie

Knit sneakers are a thing, and I must. Have. Some.

12. Slippers

UGG Australia Cozy Knit Slipper, $130, Nordstrom

Lounging around the house means it's time for head-to-toe sweater knits.

But really, any place or time is good for head-to-toe sweater knits.

Images: Courtesy of Brands