6 Ways to Tie a Scarf

You don't need me to remind you that fall is officially here. Just step outside and feel the cool, crisp air for yourself. Or head on over to your local grocer to marvel at all of the pumpkin-flavored fare, like pumpkin spice Jell-o and pumpkin spice Pringles. (Seriously, though, will the spirit for squash ever cease?)

One thing I'll never get enough of is fall fashion. The limitless layering options, the new and very welcome blanket coat trend, and stomping across crunchy leaves in your favorite fall boots — all of these make me not miss those sweltering summer months. Plus, fall accessories are the best kind of accessories.

Slouchy socks, knitted tights, and beanie hats are a few of my favorites, but nothing beats the sensation of a snuggly scarf wrapped around my neck. From bright pashminas to oversized knit infinities, I've never met a scarf I haven't liked. And the best part is, there are a ton of different ways to wear them.

I taught myself a handful of knots and loops that are as easy as spotting a basic bitch holding a PSL. Scratch that. They're as easy as spotting anyone holding a PSL.

So snuggle up and get practicing. I hope you find my photos both helpful and amusing.

1. The Standard Loop

The standard loop is one of the easiest, most basic ways to tie a scarf. Not only does it stay snug and secure around your neck all day, but the way the material fluffs around your neck will keep you cozy on cool days.

Step One: Fold your scarf in half.

Step Two: Wrap your scarf around you neck, creating a loop on the closed end.

Step Three: Pull the other side of the scarf through the loop.

Step Four: Fluff the material around your neck for a more voluminous look.

When I wear my scarves like this, I often tuck the remaining material into my jacket or sweater. But if I'm wearing something lightweight, like this t-shirt, I just let it hang out like so.

2. The One Knot Tie

The one knot tie is another super-simple approach that looks deceivingly difficult, but only involves three steps.

Step One: Wrap your scarf around your neck.

Step Two: Tie a knot on one side of your scarf, at about the halfway point.

Step Three: Pull the unknotted side of your scarf through the knot.

Tada! How easy was that? My only qualm with this look is that the scarf doesn't bundle around your neck and therefore won't keep you as warm as, say, the standard loop. That being said, I love the length this knot provides because it has an elongating effect. Try this at the office for an accessory that's equal parts chic and casual.

3. The Neck Loop

The neck loop will keep your neck as warm as the standard loop, but eliminates the dangling material, making for the perfect no-fuss option.

Step One: Drape your scarf around your neck.

Step Two: Tie the ends of your scarf together with a secure basic knot, leaving as little extra material as possible.

Step Three: Twist your scarf to form a loop.

Step Four: Pull the loop over your head, keeping the knot in the back of your neck.

Don't own an infinity scarf (a.k.a., a circle scarf)? This approach has the same effect!

4. The Lots of Loops

For a bit of added texture, try the lots of loops method, which is a much warmer — yet equally as fashionable — alternative to a statement necklace.

Step One: Drape your scarf around your neck.

Step Two: Wrap one end around your neck and pull down so the sides are even.

Step Three: Take either end, and wrap it into the neck loop, repeating until you run out of material.

Step Four: Repeat step three on the other side, making sure to loop in the same direction as the first side (i.e., either towards your neck or away from your neck).

Step Five: Look très chic.

I've learned it's best to use a thicker scarf with this style. I tried it first with a thin silk scarf, which my boyfriend said made me look "like there's a sausage wrapped around [my] neck."

5. The Double Knot

Don't be alarmed by the five-step process of the double knot. It's a lot like the standard loop, but with one extra step.

Step One: Fold your scarf in half.

Step Two: Wrap the scarf around your neck, creating a loop on the closed end. Smile nervously.

Step Three: Pull the other end of your scarf through the loop.

Step Four: Twist the loop and close your eyes because you're just that good.

Step Five: Pull the scarf through the loop again, and tighten.

I love the added intricacy of this knot. Despite what my facial expressions indicate, the double knot is an easy way to jazz up a traditional tie.

6. The Bib

The bib is perfect for achieving that #WokeUpLikeThis look because there aren't any knots or loops involved. It's just that effortless.

Step One: Fold a square scarf into a triangle (or as close to a triangle as you can).

Step Two: Wrap one end around the back of your neck.

Step Three: Wrap the other end around the back of your neck. Strike pose.

It doesn't get much easier than that. I used a thin scarf for this look because I like the way the light silk drapes. Plus, unlike the scarf I used for the other styles, this one is a perfect square, which makes it easy to fold into a triangle for step one.

And a bonus tutorial — sometimes I just wear my scarf like this:

Sure, it's just hanging there, but it's important to find a scarf that works for you. Personally, I like the sheer quality and extra-long length of this skull-clad one because it suits my shape and style. So, make sure to pick a fun color or pattern that will get a lot of field time in your fall lineup, no matter how you choose to wear it.