Kevin Costner's '3 Days to Kill' Trailer Should Make Liam Neeson Pretty Upset

"You're the best agent for the job, Ethan.We need you," Amber Heard says to Kevin Costner in this new trailer for 3 Days to Kill, an action film about a hardened spy/assassin named Ethan Runner (Costner) who wants to leave the game to spend more time with his daughter to make up for all those years he lost. The twist? He is deathly ill and needs an experimental drug, but to get it he'll have to make one more kill. In how many days? Three. The film is directed by McG and is set for a February 2014 release.

Somewhere Liam Neeson is like, "Ugh, quit trying to be me, every other vaguely handsome, stoic older actor in a movie about spies and daughters," because if anyone thinks they are ever topping the opus that is Taken, they are sorely mistaken. Except strangely enough, Taken writer Luc Benson also penned 3 Days To Kill, so maybe it has a sliver of potential. (And in another corner Nicholas Cage is like, "Hey guys, remember when I made a really similar movie about saving my daughter from the back of a taxicab?," and no one ever does).

Here's the trailer. At the very least you can enjoy cute Hailee Steinfeld as Costner's daughter, and Costner's amazing, gravelly voice.