MTV Is Dropping 'Catfish' Season 5 Clues

As MTV's Catfish has shown us time and time again, you never know who you're talking to online. People can get away with so many lies and it's so fascinating to watch. The docu-series aired its fourth season finale last month, so when will Catfish return for Season 5? Well, there's no official word from MTV that the show has been renewed, but I'd say it seems likely because the network is currently casting for the fifth season's stories, and host Nev Schulman discussed it with International Business Times at the VMAs' red carpet. If Catfish follows through on these signs and does come back, it looks like Season 5 won't premiere until 2016, judging by past season premieres. Traditionally, the show has began its seasons throughout the year, taking four to seven-month breaks in between.

The popularity of Catfish has caused the casting competition to be pretty stiff these days. Casting director Michael Esposito told Afterbuzz TV that the show receives more than 100 applications — per day. Sounds like a lot of people think they're in suspicious online situations. This past season, co-host Max Joseph took some time off from the show to direct the Zac Efron movie We Are Your Friends, and in his place Nev welcomed some guest hosts, like Charlamagne Tha God, Cassidy Wolf, Angel Haze, and Tyler Oakley. Somehow, the stories they investigated were even better. Here are some of Season 4's best.

Jamey & Ari

Houston residents Jamey and Ari meet and start talking through the dating website Plenty of Fish. But it gets a little (ahem) fishy when their schedules don't seem to lineup when meet-ups are proposed and Ari actually suggests that Jamey meet her on Catfish. Whoa. It turns out, she only wants to use the experience to come out as a transgender woman on TV.

Whitney & Bre

In the seventh episode of Season 4, Brooklyn resident Whitney says that she's in love with Bre, who lives in California. But Whitney suspects that Bre isn't who she seems, because she's always evading video chatting. Hmm. But as it's revealed in the episode, Whitney isn't exactly being straight forward about her intentions with Nev & co., either — she wanted to get a plane ticket to California from the show, so she could visit Bre.

Blaire & Markie

Blaire and Markie met through pics and messages over Instagram. But when they were supposed to finally meet, Markie tells Blaire that she's been kidnapped. And Mark tries to keep up that lie as long as she can, for some reason.

Steven & Samm

Chalk it up to mother's intuition. Aurora is worried about her 18-year-old son Steven, who has fallen head-over-heels for Samm, who lives in California. Aurora reveals that Steven has been "catfished" before and wants to make sure it doesn't happen again. And she's right — Samm isn't who she claims to be and Steven gets a rude awakening: He's not her only online guy.

Andria & David

For 10 years, Andria loved David online. No Skyping, of course, but there were tons of love letters, e-mails, and other correspondence through the years. Not to mention that Andria dropped out of school to be with him. But alas, it was all a lie and David wasn't actually David, but a woman named Christina.

Falesha & Jacqueline

Sometimes, catfishing doesn't involve romantic relationships. For Felesha, it deals with a cyberbully "Jacqueline" who has been trying to take over her online identity — and real life persona — for years. Jacqueline, using social media profiles under Falesha's name, would go around adding the real Falesha's friends and sending them disgusting messages to shame her public image. For awhile, Jacqueline disappeared, but Falesha called Nev and Max once the bully re-surfaced.

Jacqueline turns out to be a girl named Tracey, who is super excited to meet Nev and Max, as well as be on Catfish. She said she bullied Falesha because she was bored and thought her dual identity was kinda like Hannah Montana. Yowza. Interesting stories like these are exactly why we need a fifth season of Catfish.

Image: MTV