Jeb Bush Imitates Trump In Bonus 'Late Show' Clip

by Kadeen Griffiths

It should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but the premiere of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert was a rousing success. When the most neutral phrase that people can find to use to describe the debut was that it was "promising," then you know you've got a runaway hit on your hands. And it appears that even having an extra nine minutes in the Late Show premiere wasn't enough to pack all of the amazing magic onto our television screens. Following the episode, Colbert tweeted a bonus Jeb Bush clip that didn't make the broadcast, and it shows off Colbert's amazing sense of humor.

The clip shows Colbert as he leads Jeb Bush through a sample debate with Donald Trump (who leads in the polls, by "his math," by "9 billion percent") in which he is asked to comment on the Iran Nuclear Deal. Bush answers as himself, but Colbert jokingly mocks him for his boring answer (though the Republicans would love it!) by stating that no one in the audience heard it because they changed the channel halfway through to watch Naked & Afraid. To spice up the faux debate, he has Bush read from the teleprompter an answer that presidential candidate Donald Trump would give to the question. As you might expect, the results are absolutely hilarious. Lil' Jon is even involved for some reason.

Granted, Jeb Bush does not, unfortunately, do the best Trump impression in the world. I mean, he didn't even try and get the voice right. But just the lines that they had written there, added to the fact that he couldn't stop laughing periodically between maintaining a deadpan expression throughout the speech, equal the most hilarious moment of — well, I can't say of the night, since the entire show was hilarious, but it's definitely a highlight. I'm glad that Colbert rightfully recognized that fans would be clamoring for this bonus clip, because now I have no idea how I could have done without seeing it.

Check it out below.

Image: CBS