Jake Dismantles His Life In 'Demolition' Trailer

It seems like with each new role he take, Jake Gyllenhaal morphs himself into a completely different person. (Just look at his turn as a Billy "The Great" Hope in Southpaw !) Gyllenhaal is transforming himself yet again in the first trailer for Demolition , in which he plays a husband coping with the sudden death of his wife.

As Gyllenhaal notes in the trailer, "If you want to fix something, you have to take everything apart and figure out what's important." And that's exactly what he does — physically demolishing everything in his life to fix what's inside. "We're taking apart my marriage," he explains.

The trailer shows Gyllenhaal taking on everything from his refrigerator to the his house and even a window. It's a powerful visual to accompany the heartbreak of losing a loved one.

There is another component to the story. According to Entertertainment Weekly:

When his letters catch the attention of a customer service rep with her own troubles (Naomi Watts), the two form a connection and begin to piece Davis’ life back together. That involves leveling his sizable house — luckily, you can get bulldozers on eBay — and reckoning with a disapproving father-in-law (Chris Cooper).

You can check out seven moments of Gyllenhaal's character piecing his life back together in the GIFs below.

1. When He Realizes He's Been Missing What's Around Him

The beginning of the trailer shows Gyllenhaal's focus on his job and this is a lightbulb moment, so to speak.

2. When He Takes Apart His Fridge

Let the fixing begin.

3. When He Gets In Touch With His Child-Like Side

Seriously, how emotional is this moment?

4. When He Takes Apart His House

Like, literally tears apart walls.

5. When He Visits His Wife's Grave

And it's a quiet moment in the midst of so much energy.

6. When He Buys A Sledgehammer

So you know things are about to get real.

7. When We Get A Montage Of Him Seeking Happiness

And it basically sums up all of the emotions of the rest of the trailer.

You can catch Demolition when it hits theaters in limited release in April 2016.

Images: FOX (screenshot); FOX (7)