'Surviving Me' Shows The Dark Side Of College

by Rachel Simon

College can be a rough time for anyone. And if you're Sophie, the heroine of the new movie Surviving Me ? "Rough" doesn't begin to describe it. In the indie dramedy, out Sept. 21, Sophie (Christine Ryndak) attempts to balance class, friendships, and romance both with a fellow student and a married professor — all while exploring her love for poetry, and falling deeper and more dangerously into her own version of Dante's Inferno.

Sounds just like how you spent your four years at school, right? Actually, despite its high stakes, Surviving Me (full name: Surviving Me: The Nine Circles Of Sophie), written and directed by Leah Yananton, revolves around your pretty typical college experience (minus the whole circles of hell thing, of course). Minus a few dramatics, Sophie's experience isn't unique; like so many others her age, she struggles to find her voice and pursue her passions while learning to navigate the confusing world of sex and romance. She takes risks, makes mistakes, experiences adventure and fear and loss. She's your average 20-year-old on a journey of self-discovery, albeit with a bit more pressure from her poetry-filled mind than most.

Surviving Me looks to be a fascinating and important film, thanks to its boldness in taking on topics ranging from female friendship to the death of a loved one. It features an impressive cast, with newcomer Ryndak surrounded by actors including Vincent Piazza (Boardwalk Empire), Mira Furlan (Lost), and Fredric Lehne (The Dark Knight Rises). Check out the exclusive trailer for the film, below, and be sure to catch it later this month (it premieres at the Hollywood Film Festival on Sept. 25). Whether you're a college student like Sophie or just looking back on those years with nostalgia, the poignant story of Surviving Me will surely resonate.

Image: Longtale Films &The Removalists LLC