Ashley Judd Accuses Sister Wynonna of Invasion of Privacy in Insane Family Feud

I know there's been a lot of talk about the Kardashian family's problems in the media recently — the Kardashian krisis, if you will — but little has been reported about the turmoil that another famous family is going through. According to Fox News, actress Ashley Judd has accused her sister Wynonna Judd of tracking her car with a GPS, in relation to an "ongoing custody dispute" going on within the family.

Ashley was not driving the car at the time the GPS device was found, but it was instead an unnamed woman who became suspicious and took the car to a mechanic only to have the device discovered. It's not clear if Wynonna was allegedly trying to track Ashley or the unnamed woman, but when the police were given the device, they were able to discover it registered to a private investigator that Wynonna was worked with before.

According to Adam Dread, a Tennessee-based attorney — where the family lives — if Wynonna was behind the GPS on Ashley's car, it's actually a serious offense in the state. "This issue falls under Tennessee Code Annotated 39-13-606, covering Invasion of Privacy by Electronic Monitoring of a Motor Vehicle. It is considered a criminal act in Tennessee for a person to install or conceal an electronic monitoring device on a vehicle belonging to another without the owner’s permission...the penalty for those caught violating this can include both jail time and a fine," he explained to Fox. "In addition to criminal charges, the person being ‘spied on’ can certainly sue the person (including private investigators) illegally tracking them for 'invasion of privacy.'"

It's not clear what the "ongoing custody dispute" within the family is, but TMZ did report that the unnamed woman driving Ashley's car may have been Wynonna's daughter. While putting a tracking device on a minor's car to track their movements is legal in the state of Tennessee, the car has to be registered to the parents — not extended family members, like an aunt.