The Brits Won't Let Porn Warp Their Men

Oh, those wonderful Brits. My new favorite story from across the pond is that select UK schools will be teaching their young male students how to interact with girls.

According to the The Telegraph, three U.K. schools have instituted a mentoring program "aimed at youngsters whose lives are lacking a positive male role model." Students will be chosen and encouraged to take part in this program depending on their needs.

Because the administration is convinced that pornography has "warped" boy’s views of women, the mentorship will include relationship advice. The teachers “will advise boys on a number of life skills such as how to ask a girl out, save money, treat women, and how to present yourself and shave.”

The program addresses general life skills, and includes other fun activities besides dating 101, like golf lessons, camping, learning survival skills, and bowling. And even though it sounds like all fun and games, the end goal is to improve students’ attitudes towards learning and school by learning what it means to be a good pupil, friend, and person.

An administrator told The Telegraph, "It's about improving self-esteem and helping them to grow up to be decent men. Just going to lessons will make no difference unless you look at the whole person rather just them as a student.”

Two of the schools have already seen positive results from this mentorship program. Here’s hoping that it includes an in-depth reading of Pride and Prejudice and a Tinder tutorial.