Prepare For 'Doctor Who' With Clara-Inspired Style

Can we talk for a sec about how awesome Doctor Who Season 8 was? With standouts like "Listen," "Mummy on the Orient Express," "Flatline," (not to mention the whole Missy arc), Peter Capaldi's first season on the cult classic show is easily one of the best in years (yeah, I said it). Doctor Who season 9 returns on September 19th (just a little over a week away), and it's already got a lot going for it. First off, both Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are returning. Add that in with the fact that Michelle Gomez and Maisie Williams will be making guest appearances, and you've got yourself a lot to look forward to. Killer casting aside, I'm a longtime admirer of the fashion of Doctor Who — and Clara Oswald has some on point personal style. So what better way to celebrate Who's impending return to our televisions than with some Clara-inspired shopping?

Luckily for us, Clara's on-point fashion sense just happens to be perfect for the fast-approaching autumn — all you need are some retro-inspired dresses (preferably with the occasional contrast collar), a good military-esque jacket or two (or three), and some high-heeled booties that you can really run/walk/look fabulous in!

Not quite sure where to start? Here are a few shopping options to get the ball rolling.

Sessun Selina Dress in Black Nikki Print

Sessun Selina Dress in Black Nikki Print, $161.24,

Mohana Dress

Plenty by Tracy Reese Mohana Dress, $228,

Dress with Contrasting Collar

Dress with Contrasting Collar, $49.90,

Printed Shirt Dress

Printed Shirt Dress, $159.99,

Jovonnista MuriAnn Dress with Collar

Jovonnista MuriAnn Dress with Collar, $28.66,

Grey Embroidered Collar Jumper

Grey Embroidered Collar Jumper, $44,

Hybrid Long Sleeve Shirt

Hybrid Long Sleeve Shirt, $80,

Zip Front Denim Skirt

Zip Front Denim Skirt, $58,

A-Line Check Skirt

ASOS Curve A-Line Check Skirt, $26,

Double Zip Lightweight Jacket

Double Zip Lightweight Jacket, $110,

Military Coat

Military Coat, $129.90,

Wool Blended Duffle Coat

Wool Blended Duffle Coat, $129.90,

Hannah Booties

Hannah, $140,

High Heel Leather Ankle Boot with Track Sole

High Heel Leather Ankle Boot with Track Sole, $119,

Images: BBC WORLDWIDE LIMITED (2), Courtesy Brands (14)