7 'Doctor Who' Season 9 Trailer Moments That Will Shock Even The Most Hardcore Of Fans — VIDEO

I know it's hard to believe, since it feels like it has been eleventy billion years since the last new episode, but Doctor Who Season 6 is premiering Saturday, September 9. That's less than a month away, people! And now, in preparation, BBC America has kindly offered up a new Doctor Who Season 9 trailer that's just begging to be picked apart for clues. The adventures the Doctor and Clara are going on this season look spectacular, not to mention totally fresh. Sure, some of the usual suspects like the Daleks are back, but there are also plenty of new aliens for the Doctor to face: From what appear to be mud zombies with eyes in their hands (very Pan's Labyrinth!) to a mechanical viking, this new trailer is all about expecting the unexpected.

One of the most shocking revelations of all is the possible fairytale origin of Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams' character. Now that head writer Steven Moffat has confirmed Williams isn't playing a character that has already been introduced, the speculation can shift to what fictional or historical figure she's bringing to life. Curiously, the new footage of Williams' character looks totally different from the previous footage, which makes me wonder: Might Williams be doing some time-hopping of her own?

Her reveal is just one of several jaw-dropping moments that will make you want your own TARDIS so you can make September get here faster.

1. The Dragon

When this dragon popped up in the trailer, the squeal I made surely alarmed every dog in my neighborhood. Seriously though, there's a dragon in Doctor Who! If you look closely at the yellow wheel in the corner there, it seems there is also a Celtic symbol. Could the dragon actually be The Loch Ness Monster? Because that would be awesome.

2. Could Maisie Williams Be Belle From Beauty And The Beast?

That is definitely a beast, and Williams is looking very Belle-esque in this shot. Last season The Doctor and Clara ran into Robin Hood, so there is no reason they couldn't discover another classic fairytale is true (with some added twists, of course). (... It is also worth noting this beast king breathes fire.)

3. Welcome Back, Missy!

I have no idea why Missy appears to be hanging out like a spider in a cave, but it is a sweet entrance for a character that I cannot get enough of.

4. The Doctor Faces... A Thing

I have no idea what that thing is, but the Doctor is downright scary in comparison. "This is how your story ends!" he shouts in the trailer. I, on the other hand, would do a lot more rurnning if I ran into that thing in a dark alley.

5. Clara Goes Full Action Hero

Three things to note here: Clara is dressed like a spy, she's standing next to a motorcycle, and that thing in her hand looks an awful lot like a rocket launcher. Clara is full on scary cool action hero here, but what is she shooting at?

6. The Doctor Rides A Horse

Look at the intensity on Peter Capaldi's face! Wherever he's going, he means business, and I'm sure he's a one man cavalry. I am looking forward to seeing this moment play out onscreen almost as much as I'm looking forward to the dragon.

7. The Doctor Rocks Out

The glasses, the pose, and the guitar clip all suggest the Doctor will get to moonlight as a rock star at some point this season. Bow ties seem so last year by comparison to the Doctor's shades.

Ready to see the rest of the new footage? Check out the trailer in full below.

Image: BBC America/YouTube (8)