Will Vanessa Ever Get Evicted From 'BB17'?

So far this season it's Vanessa who's been most polarizing player on Big Brother 17 . At first, I was all for Vanessa using her poker player skills to read the rest of the cast and manipulate them to her liking. She was a smart player, and I definitely could give her props for that. Then, the tides turned and my one-sided relationship with Vanessa has been up and down ever since. Vanessa has had her hand in pretty much every elimination. She has alliances with everyone and people have been tired of it for a long time. Nevertheless, no one has been able to eliminate her. So, when will Vanessa be evicted from Big Brother ? Is that even possible? Every time Vanessa has her back up against the wall she manages to prevail victorious.

It is so difficult to guess when/if Vanessa will be eliminated. Everyone recognizes that they have been manipulated to benefit Vanessa, but no one has really made a move to take her out. The people at home are shaking their heads wondering why the house guests just haven't taken her out of the game yet. But, hating being manipulated is not reason enough for these people to get rid of Vanessa. There are conflicting advantages and disadvantages to keeping Vanessa around.

Vanessa Sent Everyone To Jury

Vanessa had a major part in pretty much every elimination. This means that even if it was sneaky, she has a lot of blood on her hands. So, most of the people in the jury have it out for Vanessa. Standing next to Vanessa in the Final 2, could be a great advantage given that a lot of the jurors do not want to give her the win. Conversely, not all of the jurors are going to be voting with bitterness in mind. Some of them could end up giving Vanessa props for playing the game the whole time and getting other people to be a part of her agenda. They might just have to give Vanessa the win because she was hustling the whole time even if she is the one who eliminated them from the house.

Vanessa Is A Smart Game Player

Vanessa is very good at playing this game. Plus, like I said, she is a poker player and all of those skills that have to do with reading people and manipulating them are beneficial to her. If Vanessa wants someone out, she will probably get her way. This means that they need to try and stay on Vanessa's good side if they keep her in the game. On the other hand, Vanessa is really good at this game and if anyone aligns with her, they could use her smarts to their advantage. They would have to be very careful about this though. It's tough to play a player.

Vanessa Is A Big Target

Keeping Vanessa in the game means that there will always be a bigger target around for the house guests. There will be someone else that can be the replacement nominee to go on the block. She will be that person who everyone hates more than everyone else, and this could serve as a form of insurance and protection. Conversely, she is a big target for a reason and maybe the contestants should get her out before they become a victim to her games.

Vanessa can get herself out of just about every situation. She has learned a lot about her fellow house guests and the game itself. She knows how to campaign and is not afraid to do it. Honestly, she is the ultimate poker player, and if these people are trying to win, she's all that stands in their way.

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Image: Cliff Lipson/CBS