16 Things To Prove You Should Believe In Yourself

Giving ourselves credit, having faith that we can actually do something, and all around boosting our own self-esteem is difficult. The fact is, each phase of our lives come with new challenges that kick us when we're down and bring us further and further from believing in ourselves. In high school, we're so focused on getting into the right college, and questioning whether we even can. In college, or whatever followed for you, so much pressure is devoted to the "real world" or being a "real adult" and worrying that you'll falter. And then, once we’re paying for our own apartment, job searching, and starting out, we get into this constant “we better not screw it all up” rhythm.

In short, we leave very little room to believe in ourselves. And that’s a shame, because we deserve to give ourselves just a little more credit for how hard we’re working.

So, to illustrate our point in a sLiGhTly UnCoNveNtiONaL way, we wanted to stop and think about all the ridiculous sh*t we’ve believed over the years to prove that if we can believe in the things that were clearly never going to pan out, then we can believe in ourselves. Hopefully it will prove to you that if you can believe that Leo wouldn’t die at the end of the Titanic, you can believe in yourself for the rest of this day. Here are 16 things you once "believed in" that prove you can and should believe in yourself:

1. The Tooth Fairy

Of all the mythical beings, I believed in this one for the longest. My dad legitimately put a gimp set under my pillow once (I still have no idea how), so I was certain for a long time a fairy had accomplished that while I was sleeping. (Most unfortunately, I was mistaken. The tooth fairy isn't real.)

2. The Magic Behind This Andy Grammar Video With All The Cute Couples

I'm so scared it's staged but I don't want it to be. Nonetheless, I BELIEVE.

3. Santa Claus


4. That High School Would Be The Best Years Of Your Life LOL

Remember when finishing high school was a calamity? You got through that. You learned otherwise. That's because you're smart and successful and you can handle this day.

5. That Liz Lemon Would Give Up Junk Food In That One 30 Rock Episode

She didn't. Respect.

6. That Leo DiCaprio Wouldn't Die At The End Of Titanic

Honey, you were kidding yourself on that one.

7. That Leo DiCaprio's Reunion With Kate Winslet Wouldn't Suck

You weren't kidding yourself, but you were proven wrong. Still, I respect that you had faith.

8. That Taylor Swift And Kanye Wouldn't End Up Being Friends

And now they're headed for #KanTay2020.

9. That Harry Would Get To Live With Sirius At The End Of The Third Book

S t i l l c r y i n g

10. That The Format Would Last As Long As Blink-182 Did

You deserve to believe in yourself more than you ever believed in music from the early 2000s.

11. That Matt Lauer Is Approachable

Maybe this is subjective, but lately, I've been thinking... maybe he's mean?

12. That Your NYC Apartment Would Look Like Monica Geller's

Kissing that dream goodbye is a harsh reality.

13. The Love Of Barney And Robin

We knew it wasn't going to pan out and yet, still, we believed.

14. That The Red Sox Would Never Win The World Series

And then 2004, 2007 and 2013 happened.

15. That The Bell Bottom Jean Comeback Would Last Until 2015

Didn't quite make it that far.

16. That Ryan Gosling Would Stay Single

Hey girl. Believe in yourself. You got this.

Images: Paramount Pictures; Giphy(9)