Should You Go On That Tinder Date? A Flowchart

You downloaded the app, swiped right, matched with someone, and now you have a potential first date with someone from Tinder. Fun! Sounds like you're winning Tinder, right? Eh, not so fast. If you've used a dating app before, you know it's not always as easy as that. Sure, sometimes you can practically see fireworks coming out of your phone every time they message you, and agreeing to a first date will be a no-brainer. But a lot of times, planning to meet up is more of an "ughhhh, I don't know..." feeling. You start to wonder, Did we talk enough? Are they going to be creepy? What's up with that weird pic that I'm just noticing now on their profile now?

Somewhere in between the matching and the talk of getting together a lot can happen. A mirror selfie here, an off-putting "sup?", realizing you have a mutual friend who also may happen to be an ex-ish, the list goes on. And sometimes, you totally intend to meet up with your match but then your friends make fun plans — or binge-watching and the couch happened. Figuring out if you're just having first-date jitters or if this person is just not a good fit for you is tough part.

So to help you, here's a guide to whether or not you should go on that first Tinder date you may (or may not have) already agreed to, because it's only going to be a good time if you feel comfortable.

Click HERE to see if you should go on that Tinder date

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Image: StartupStockPhotos/Pixabay