Primark Debuts In Boston Bringing Us UK Style

Primark is one of the United Kingdom's most successful discount retailers. The major retailer has some of the most stylish affordable fashion that side of the pond, and thankfully, the discount giant is heading the to United States. Primark's flagship Boston store is here, and while there is no way to tell you what the future of the Irish-based company will be in the States, I'm hoping that Primark is here to stay.

Many may be concerned about the massive rise of fast fashion and affordable retailers already available in the Unites States. With shops like H&M and Forever 21 supplying style to the masses on the cheap, what is it about Primark that is going to set it apart from the herd? First up, it's the prices. According to Financial Times, who used data from Berstein Research, Primark prices are, "about 20 percent below Forever 21, 33 percent below Old Navy and close to 40 percent below H&M." Basically, if you think you're getting a deal at your local Forever 21, just wait until you enter the magical realm that is Primark. While discounts and coupons aren't something you're going to frequently find at the retailer, you can depend on the perennially low costs of perfect fashion.

So Primark is going to offer you great prices, but what else can you expect to find at the flagship United States store?

Incredible Bags

This can take you from work to happy hour to the weekend. Tan PU Winged Handbag, $14

Comfy Sweaters

Fall is coming fast, so what better way to kick it off than a comfy new sweater? Blue V-Neck Long Sleeve Sweater, $12

Adorable Shoes

How do you not love an adorable ballet flat complete with a sweet bow detail? Navy Grosgrain Detail Ballerinas, $9

Cute PJs

Comfy and cute? I'll take two please! Pink and Navy Check PJ Shorts $6

These are just a bit of a sneak peek of the great items you could be able to shop at the US Primark store. The combination of super low prices and great products is definitely going to make the UK chain a huge part of young women's wardrobes across the country.

Images: Courtesy of brand