Proof That Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen Are Related Is These 4 Shared Traits

Game of Thrones has lovingly introduced its fans to the idea of never being able to fully relax after a season ends. We all continuously live in a state of anxiety in the interim between finale and premiere. And Season 5 was certainly no different. (Be wary, this post is dark and full of spoilers.) We all know that the biggest question hanging in the Game Of Thrones universe at this moment has got to be whether Jon Snow is really dead, followed closely by the question of whether everyone's favorite theory, R+L=J, is ever going to come to fruition. These two ideas are dominating fan's minds and since the author, writers, and stars all maintain an impressively impenetrable cone of secrecy, we are forced to dissect any and all cast/crew interviews for hints that we may see our favorite bastard rise again as a Targaryen. And that starts with proving that Jon Snow is in fact related to Daenerys Targaryen.

The evidence has been piling up that we will get to see our dreams come true soon. If R+L=J is real (and it totally is) and Jon is truly the Targaryen that we all know he is, it means that he would technically be Dany's nephew. Also, as the offspring of a Stark and a Targaryen, Jon Snow would legitimately be a man born with ice and fire, like chilly Starks and fiery Targaryens or like... A Song of Ice and Fire. I think we can all agree that a revelation of that magnitude would be unbelievable to watch unfold. But we won't see any further Westeros action until 2016 and until we get our sweet validation that these two characters share a true blood bond, I've gathered some proof that links our Mother of Dragons with The Bastard of Winterfell:

They Both Have That Pout On Lock

Both Dany and Jon have a signature facial expression, for sure. Their faces seem perpetually twisted into ultra serious pouts. In fact, whenever one of them actually smiles, it's a little jarring to watch. Oddly enough, these rare smirks seem to only happen around people they love (Ygritte, Drogo, Daario), so they both have similar soft spots for the lucky few who are able to snag their hearts.

They Both Have Deep Bonds With Crazy-Ass Mythical Beasts

Jon's bond with ghost is well established as one of the strongest of all the Stark children with their dire wolves. Ghost has saved Jon numerous times and Jon relies on him to be his ultimate bro in times of need. Dany has a similar bond with her dragons. Sure, she has been losing control of them a little bit (the whole, filet of farmer's kid thing is not something she probably wishes to talk about) but when she was in real trouble, who came to her rescue to demolish some Sons of Harpy and fly her away on his back? Drogon; the wildest of the dragons. These two share bonds with terrifying, dangerous beasts that no one else can really relate to. To me, this shared trait speaks to their blood bond even more.

They Both Lead With Integrity

Both Jon and Dany were somewhat aggressively nudged into leadership positions that they probably have little business being in, but they both managed to settle in and make some difficult decisions without compromising their own positions or values. Many leaders in Game of Thrones tend to cave under the pressure of intense situations or use their positions of power to manipulate people for their own personal ends. Jon and Dany both try to keep their decisions consistent with what their beliefs are and what is good for the people they lead. Rarely do we see either of these characters lack integrity with their leadership. This may not always lead to success or give them popularity points, but they are consistently true to themselves.

That Shampoo Commercial Hair

Who doesn't dream of running their fingers through Jon Snow's curly locks of magic or leaving their house in the morning with waves as dreamy as Dany's? These two have the hair game sewed up and they both rock some seriously enviable tendrils most of the time. Could this be a family trait? Great hair? We all know that Targaryens have the great hair thing on lock and Jon's rumored father, Rhaegar Targaryen, surely must have passed down some of that magical DNA.

I rest my case. Jon and Dany share some serious blood and you would be hard pressed to come forth with some decent evidence to the contrary. R+L=J forever.

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