Coco Rocha Documents NYFW On Instagram So You Won't Miss A Stylish Moment — PHOTOS

There’s going to be plenty to see from bloggers, models and the like regarding NYFW, but no one shows the action quite like this super model. Coco Rocha is documenting NYFW on Instagram, and will give you all of the behind the scenes snaps you could possibly need.

From going to bed (in a luxurious hotel) with her makeup on to strutting her stuff in the New York City streets, Rocha gets what NYFW is all about: the fashion, the city, and the fun. And you’ll be seeing plenty of her on Instagram because not only is she posting to her personal account, she’s also temporarily managing Yahoo Beauty’s account. So, look out, folks, — so much fashion week is coming your way! If that doesn’t excite you, then honestly, I don’t know what will!

Check out how Rocha documents behind the scenes moments at runway shows, what her makeup looks will be, and more by paying attention to both of the accounts she’ll be posting to. You won’t want to miss out because she is one chic lady who will definitely help feed your NYFW craving. See what’s she’s been up to so far, and stay tuned for what's next! Keep it coming, Rocha. I’m ready for your fashion week takeover!

1. Zac Posen Runway Show

Rocha is stunning in a dress made with code.

2. Slow Motion For Me

It looks even better in slow-mo.

3. About Last Night

Sometimes you party too hard to worry about taking your makeup off, especially during NYFW.

4. Before And After

What will her makeup be like for NYFW Day 1?

You guessed it. Fierce.

5. Subway Chic

Ahh, the stylish city life.

6. Struttin' It

Walk it out!

7. Street Style

Now, this. This is what fashion week is all about.

Don't you just love all of the different elements she's incorporating? It's NYFW at it's finest.

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