Stream Miss America 2016 If You're Curious

After nearly 100 years of competition, the Miss America pageant has been reduced to jokes about the swimsuit competition and rightful criticism of the problematic aspects. But if you actually watch the Miss America Competition online, you might find that the rest of the competition is uniquely fascinating. The talent portions, the speeches, and the opportunity for hilarious moments all make Miss America more than just some swimsuits. Of course, there's still the emphasis on a very narrow standard of beauty, but on the more positive side, there's a chance for women to break barriers about what types of people can be considered mainstream beauty ideals.

There are some weirder parts to the competition, too, which often aren't aired on TV because — now here's a well-kept secret about Miss America — there are several days of preliminary competition before the televised competition. So, the part of the Miss America competition that makes it to TV for all of us lucky viewers to see is really only the final stand for the contestants. And there's nothing even remotely describable about something like Miss Ohio 2015's talent: a ventriloquist act that she intended to make her the very first one to win the entire competition. Unfortunately, she didn't succeed, but this year Miss Vermont did a science demonstration as her talent — so don't try to tell me that there's nothing unique about Miss America. Not true, people. Not true.

The real main event, obviously, is when the winner is chosen — which will happen on the televised portion on Sept.13 on ABC. And, luckily for you, it's extremely easy to stream in the case that your roommates are morally opposed to pageantry (and fun).


Whenever a big event you want to watch online is on ABC, be grateful. Because if you have a cable account, it's free and available to stream ABC on your computer via the "watch live" tab on the site.

ABC Go App

If you'd rather not rely on your computer, you can stream ABC on your iPad or an alternative device via the ABC Go app. Which, like ABC.com, allows you to stream whatever is airing live on ABC.

Apple TV

If you watch your television with the help of Apple TV, the Watch ABC app can be used there as well. And your phone, too, if you are a tiny screen masochist (don't you want to be able to see the gowns?).

Xfinity TV

On the cable side, you can stream ABC live online if you have a Comcast account. The only downside? Regular cable commercials.


Lucky you, if you have TV on your Xbox, not only do you not have to deal with a cable company, but guess what: Watch ABC is available there too!


If you and your cable box are for some reason separated by geography, Slingbox has your back — you can use it to watch every channel that's available on your cable plan.

There are plenty of places where the 2016 Miss America Competition will be streaming, because even though there are plenty of jokes about the pageant and genuine complaints about its feminism, it's hard to deny that it has its share of memorable moments.

Image: Ida Mae Astute/ABC; Giphy (6)