Miss Oklahoma Olivia Jordan Wins Miss USA 2015 And She's Giving Off Major Princess Vibes

In a bubble gum pink princess gown, Miss Oklahoma USA Olivia Jordan is the winner of the 2015 Miss USA pageant. Now-former Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez handed off her crown to Jordan at the end of a three-hour long ceremony that came in somewhat precarious circumstances, with both Univision and NBC announcing they would not air the ceremony due to Miss USA's owner Donald Trump's racist remarks against Mexican immigrants to the United States. And then, two of the co-hosts dropped out, followed soon after by Flo Rida, who was supposed to perform at the event.

But throughout it all, the contestants held it together with grace while walking in some killer stilettos, and Miss Oklahoma USA rose to the top of the pack. The model from Tulsa who received a Bachelor's from Boston University in health science rocked the swimsuit competition in a sequined blue bikini (which really wasn't much different than the other Miss USA contestants' bikinis, to be honest). But her magenta cupcake of a gown with red ruffles, a sweetheart top, and form-fitting bodice from Sherri Hill was the real showstopper. She described it as "magical," telling the backstage host that she felt like a princess in it.

She was also the first up in the interview competition and was asked a question about what she thinks the next hot-button issue to tackle in America will be. Jordan calmly answered, "I think we still need to talk about race relations in this country. We have not solved this issue... We need to work on being an accepting society." When asked about who she'd like to see on the front of the 10 dollar bill, she joked that she'd like to see Oprah, but since she's not eligible, Harriet Tubman would be great.

Yesterday, Jordan posted an Instagram admitting that she'd either become the next Miss USA or have to go to model at Miami's Swim Week. And it looks like Miami will have to wait for this model because she's the next Miss USA.

So here's to you, Olivia Jordan! We'll all be looking for her at this year's Miss Universe, and if her grace and poise at this competition are any indication, she'll do just fine.

Images: YouTube; theoliviajordan/Instagram