Susan Sarandon Won Burning Man With Her Insanely Stylish Ensembles

I'm kind of skeptical about the whole idea of Burning Man, but according to E!, Susan Sarandon attended Burning Man this year, and based on her Instagram photos, I'd be so down to hang out with her all over the desert. She is cool girl times, like, infinity.

She may be 60-freaking-8, but Susan Sarandon is by far more hip than anyone else I know, and she proved that this week when she attended the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. After documenting her dust-filled escape from reality on Instagram (which she somehow managed to make look like an exotic, other-worldly trip to somewhere mystical), the actress popped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and shared some thoughts about the experience. "Burning Man is a celebration in the desert of all different kinds of people. It's about self-reliance, it's about seems to be about drugs and nudity, that too," Sarandon said. I mean, all good things, right?

You might have thought Coachella was the festival you absolutely needed to attend, but Susan is making a serious case for Burning Man next year. I have a feeling dust masks might be about to replace flower crowns as the festival staple.

Susan's trip started out relatively normal.

On trend with overalls, some sweet boots, a giant hat — I could handle this.

But then there's this and you are instantly afraid.

Still, Susan Sarandon embraced it like the desert goddess she is.

And remember what I said about dust masks? Totally in for next festival season.

Flower crowns? Psh, Burning Man does flower bikes.

And she returns back to LA looking all glam like NBD.

This woman is serious goals.

If you have festival fever after seeing Susan Sarandon's Burning Man outfits, consider learning how to make some dried flower tattoos over at Bustle's YouTube page or by watching the video below.

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