Julie Montagu Dishes On 'Ladies Of London' Season 2 Drama & Gives Out Cast Superlatives

The second season has only just begun, but Ladies of London is off to a royally dramatic start. Within the first episode, Thanksgiving Gate erupted, and two of the ex-pat cast members — Marissa and Juliet — went to war over Thanksgiving dinner. The third ex-pat, Julie Montagu, was all of us; her head moving back-and-forth like she was watching a ping-pong game. Bustle caught up with Montagu and talked all things Ladies of London including that divisive argument. "I don't think one was right and one was wrong," she says about Thanksgiving Gate. "This goes much deeper than Thanksgiving between Juliet and Marissa."

While we'll have to see how Marissa and Juliet's relationship fares over the season, Montagu spoke about her own relationships with the women. Montagu says that fans can expect to see her relationship with Annabelle grow even closer. "She goes way back," Montagu says of her old friend. Remember when Annabelle was thrown off her horse during Season 1? It was Julie that was by her side after the fall.

"In their own right, I feel like I'm close to all of them in different ways," Montagu says. Her eldest, Emma, babysits for two of Juliet's children, while Montagu notes she spoke with Marissa the morning we met.

As for those she doesn't get along with, Montagu was a bit more mums. Caroline Stanbury is one of the Ladies Montagu mentions she butts heads with, but "there's a couple more after Caroline Stanbury," Montagu says. "There's a few more tears."

Even though Julie predicts for an emotional season, she was game for a lightning round of answering most likely to questions about the cast. As you'll see, a certain housewife makes a frequent appearance in her answers...

Most Likely To Have A Hit Single (Housewives Style)

"Juliet. She's obsessed with karaoke. She thinks she has the best voice in the world. You'll be like, 'Do you want to meet for a drink?' 'No, let's go to karaoke.' She wants to be on Broadway. She does have a good voice, I'll give her that."

Most Likely To Show Up Late To A Party

"I will turn up a little bit late, but Juliet is hours late. It goes to Juliet, again. I'm five to 10 minutes late, Juliet is 30 to an hour."

Most Likely To Become Queen

"It's not me, I don't strive to be a queen. I don't want to be queen bee, I'm very happy just to stay as the working bee. Caroline Stanbury, absolutely."

Most Likely To Forget Her Own Party

"That one would be me. I think everyone would agree that would be me."

Most Likely To Need A Calming Yoga Class

"Juliet. She's going to win all of these. Juliet goes to my yoga class, almost every week. And she does need it, she knows it."

There you have it, the official Ladies of London superlatives brought to you by Julie Montagu. While it's not surprising that Caroline wins the Queen title, it is a bit surprising to see Juliet take the title of the majority of the questions.

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