This 'Lady of London' Was In Your Fav '90s Movie

by Casey Rackham

Now that Bravo has completely dominated the reality-show scene with fabulous women (and a few men) from all around the US (we're looking at you, Southern Charm ), we knew it was only a matter of time before the network branched out to Europe. Thankfully, Ladies of London is officially in the states and so we can grab some popcorn and a glass of wine (Olivia Pope style, of course) and watch a handful of British ladies and American expats get themselves involved in a whole bunch of delicious and unwarranted drama. So basically, it's like every other Bravo reality show but will posh accents and a more than usual amount of scones and tea, which we have absolutely no problem with. Because seriously, who doesn't like scones?

One of the expats that we'll be getting to know is none other than Julie Montagu. The yoga instructor/health coach/"wellness warrior" is originally from Sugar Grove, Illinois, but she traded in her American roots for a life of royalty with her husband Luke Montagu and their four children. (Damn, someone got lucky.)

And because she's just that fascinating, there are quite a few reasons Julie is the Lady of London we should be keeping our eyes on:

1. She's the only actual "royal" person on the show.

Move over, Kate Middleton — Lady Hinchingbrooke (AKA Viscountess Hinchingbrooke) is in town. Julie met her husband Luke, the Viscount Hinchingbrooke heir to the Earl of Sandwich (no, we're not making any of this up), through mutual friends.

2. She released her own power yoga DVD.

In addition to being the star of one of those workout DVDs that you buy and then never use, Julie also owns Julie Montagu Ltd., and has an online nutrition e-learning course, a healthy food line, a soon-to-be cookbook, and a recipe blog called The Flexi Foodie. (Okay, we get it — you're better than us.)

3. She created the Super Healthy Options menu at the Bumpkin chain of restaurants in London.

The menu includes options for both breakfast and lunch, and, most importantly, a selection of cold-pressed juices (she would).

4. She might be American, but she's adopted some British terminology.

1/2 term with my ONE girl and THREE boys..... Don't even ask what my house is like today.... But I keep looking at this to remind myself that I actually do love them!

5. She loves Her Veuve as much as the next girl.

Looks like she's enjoying some bubbly fun with fellow LoL star, Marissa Hermer.

6. She used to be a model.

She looks like a beautiful snow angel, amiright?

7. But most importantly, she was Cameron Diaz' stand-in in My Best Friend's Wedding.

Obviously this is the only thing you you need to know about her to like her.

Images: Bravo; juliemontagu/Instagram (4); cosmopolitan.com