Kate Spade's New Line To Launch Next Year

Known for pops of bright colors and flirty pieces, Kate Spade New York is launching a new line of casual wear. With laid back athleisure and weekend wear dominating our closets these days, the clothing for the Friday night girl is about to go next level. I hope you're ready!

According to Women's Wear Daily, the name of the line will be Broome Street, the location of the brands original store. It will offer "a range of denim, cotton tees, dresses and skirts, chunky sweaters and idiom totes." Talk about perfect. These essentials will be in my closet ASAP! Saturday, the previous line which is no longer available, taught the brand a thing or two about how to do something fresh and appealing. So with Kate Spade looking into the future, the new adventure should be better than ever!

Although the release date for the line isn't until the beginning of next year, Broome Street is all the rage this week. As the news breaks and fashion week moves forward, Kate Spade seems to be the girl everyone is talking about. The excitement levels are rising and I can hardly wait to see the finished work!

We don't know what newly disclosed secret will look like, but if it's anything like the Kate Spade main label, well, it's going to be good.

With the anticipation building for what's ahead, let's look at the last Kate Spade New York campaign.

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