Connie Britton's Hair Secret Is Totally Unexpected

Endlessly jealous of the most gorgeous honey-hued locks in Hollywood? Yeah, me too. But lucky for us, Connie Britton's hair secret is easier to copy than you think — it's feminism. The Nashville star shared her best-kept secret in a video for the #AskHerMore campaign, which reminds reporters that fashion and beauty questions aren't the only thing you can ask a woman on the red carpet, according to People.

Granted, I'd be stoked to hear what the real deal with Britton's hair is (because, wow), but her words on feminism in the cheeky, hilarious clip are pretty great, too.

“After years of being asked about my healthy, shiny hair, I am thrilled to share my beauty secret with you... it's feminism!" *Dramatic hair flip.* And she does a pretty bang-up job of summing up feminism's many "amazing results" — "A woman's right to vote! A woman's right to her own body! A woman's right to become a kick-ass athlete! The Violence Against Women Act! The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act! And more."

Wow, all that just from daily use?! Go figure. This isn't the first time she's been outspoken on the topic: in an interview with Chris Hardwick in August, she said, "there shouldn’t be anything scary about the word 'feminism.' Because I think, truly, it simply is about women knowing their own value, as a throwback to a culture where they were not encouraged to do so."

Preach, Connie. Because, as the video says, "Feminism: it's not what's on my head, it's what's in it."

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