Real-Life Walter White Arrested for Dealing Meth, Sentenced To 12 Years

Well, this sounds familiar: A Lockwood, Mont., resident named Walter White was sentenced Tuesday to 12-and-a-half years in prison for meth possession with the intent to distribute. Oh, and firearm possession, relating to drugs crimes. Cops were called in on the case after Walter White's son Brandon allegedly shot him in an early-morning driveway ambush over a drug debt (somehow we can't see Walt Jr. ever doing that). In a subsequent search of White's premises in March, police found 4 oz. of meth (worth approximately $10,000) that White was selling out of his house, along with two handguns — and around $15,000 cash.

White has been in custody since, and initially pled guilty at his trial. White later tried to take back his guilty plea, but the judge quickly shut that down, saying that he was in his right mind at the time he made his plea.

"Thirty two-and-a-half pounds of methamphetamine coupled with guns and violence is as about as serious as you can get," Senior U.S. District Judge Don Molloy, who headed the case, said.

During the trial, White named Tomas Alvarado of Turlock, Calif. as his drugs supplier. White claimed that he tried to get out of selling after he got addicted, but that Alvarado and others threatened him — an allegation that led to Alvarado serving a 30-year-sentence himself. After he serves his time, White, who has admitted to a meth addiction, will be on five years' probation and will be banned from firearm or weapons possession.

Meanwhile, his son Brandon is being held at the county jail on a $150,000 bail on two counts of assault with a weapon.

This is actually the second Walter White to be arrested on charges of meth manufacture and dealing, although a whole host of other Breaking Bad copycat criminals exist, including a Texas chemistry teacher, William Duncan, who cooked up meth tablets before accidentally selling one to an undercover police officer at his junior high. Guys.