Walter White's Real-Life Arrest Gives 'Breaking Bad' Fans an Alternate Ending

Some would say that Breaking Bad, also known to many as the best television show ever to air on television, is too good to be true. Well, even though the likes of Jesse Pinkman and Badger continue to exist only in our imaginations, it turns out Walter White is real. Sort of. According to Montana's Billings Gazette, a meth dealer named Walter White has been sentenced to 12 years in federal prison. Which is not only an incredible coincidence, but also incredible news for any fans of the series who felt Bryan Cranston's kingpin got off too easy in the series finale, which aired in September. Didn't want Breaking Bad to end? You're in luck — the saga continues!

And the real-life Walter White's story certainly is a saga: White — who, like Cranston's character, is in his 50s — was arrested for dealing over 32 pounds of meth, which authorities discovered searching his house after an argument between White and his son led to the former being shot in the back.

But, despite the fact that the real-life Walter White did not make his own meth, there are more similarities between the two stories. More specifically, when it comes to the newsmakers' names. White's middle name is Jack — the same name as Todd's Nazi uncle. And White's son is named Brandon — the same name as Jesse's Star Trek obsessed friend, Badger. As for where White acquired the meth he sold? Well, there is no one named Tomas Alvarado in Breaking Bad, but rearrange and remove some of the letters of his hometown, Turlock, Calif., and you get Tuco. Whoa.

Okay, that one might be a stretch, but us Breaking Bad fans are all about crazy theories, after all.

Image: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC