19 'Golden Girls' Lines To Use In Any Situation

by Rachel Semigran

There's no questioning the power of The Golden Girls . You can turn on the TV at any hour of the day and find four saucy babes in Miami serving up the sass. The revolutionary sitcom is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and I think we can all take a moment to thank Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia for being friends. The show is memorable for so many reasons — the bright and playful fashion, the line of men who constantly had doors slammed in their faces, and especially the brilliantly delivered one-liners. There are few shows which can top The Golden Girls when it comes to zingers.

Before The Office, Friends or 30 Rock, it was The Golden Girls which set the bar for friendly ribbing between pals. These girls could dish it, and dish it hard. But in the end, everything between them came out of love and respect for one another. Sophia would serve the gals a hefty bowl of truth along with her homemade meatballs, and Dorothy would always apologize if she dug into someone a little too deep. They knew how to cut to the core of someone and still be as charming as ever.

No matter what the situation, The Golden Girls have you covered for comebacks. Enjoy!

1. When Your Married Friend Says She Can't Believe You're Still Single

Because that's what you're insinuating.

2. When You've Run Out Of Things To Say On A First Date

It'll come in hand.

3. When Your Friends Text You At 9:30 On A Friday To Go Out

Unless you're a human-sized pizza, I will not open the door for you.

4. When You Get Honest With Yourself About New Year's Eve

It's all such a hassle!

5. When You Have To Explain Why You're Crying In The Bathroom On Your Birthday

We've all been there.

6. When Someone At The Gym Gives You Advice You Didn't Ask For

I've got this, bro.

7. When Your Younger Sister Complains About Being Old

Out the door with you!

8. When You And Your Girlfriends Can't Make Plans

Done, done, and done.

9. When Someone Comments On The Length Of Your Skirt

I'll wear whatever I please, ah-thank-you-very-much!

10. When Someone Calls You A Weirdo

Takes one to know one, pal!

11. When You Need Motivation

Preach, sister!

12. When Someone Tells You You're Just Being An Angry Feminist When You Express An Opinion On Gender


13. When Someone Says They Are A Meninist


14. When Someone Wears A Horribly Offensive Halloween Costume

Just put the Caitlyn Jenner costume down before you end up on a list of the Internet's Worst Human Beings.

15. When Your Grandmother Asks When You And Your Significant Other Are Getting Married

EVENTUALLY ... maybe.

16. When Your Boo Asks You What You Want For Dinner

How many times must we go through this!?

17. When Someone Gives You A Backhanded Compliment

Now apologize.

18. When Your Co-Worker Overshares About Their Night Out

This is a place of business. Have decorum!

19. When Someone Tells You That Your Biological Clock Is Ticking

Oh Golden Girls, you always know the right thing to say. Happy 30th!

Images: NBC; Giphy (19)