These '90s Photos Need No Explanation

You know the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” When it comes to nostalgia, nothing is more true. Sure, we can waffle on and on about the glory of our childhoods for hours in increasingly florid prose — but as these '90s photos that need no explanation demonstrate, the best way to jog your memory and make those lovely nostalgic feelings wash over you is just by looking at a picture or two. Or five. Or 34, as the case may be, because that's what we've got here.

I think, too, that one of the reasons images like these are so effective has to do with the fact that so many other people remember them, too. There's something about a collective recollection that makes us feel like a part of something bigger than ourselves — even if that recollection is about something seemingly trivial, like an old television show or a type of pencil. That's why we all love these sorts of nostalgia roundups so much — not only do we get to reminisce about fond memories, but moreover, we get to do it in the company of others who also remember those things fondly. Everybody wins!

So here — take a look at these 34 images. Do you remember what they refer to as vividly as I do?

1. Making Masterpieces With This

2. Packing These In Your Backpack

3. These

4. This Guy's Sense of Style

5. This

6. This Piece of Furniture

7. This Stuff

8. This Thing

9. Ugh, This

10. You've Got Mail

11. This Guy and His Favorite Drink

12. This Guy

13. Those Aren't Band-Aids

14. These Things

15. Oh, Yeah

16. Breakfast of Champions

17. This

18. Playing This

19. And This

20. Put a Ring On It

21. Kissing Like This

22. These Books

23. And These

24. And These

25. And These

26. This

27. And This

28. Also This

29. Consumerism

30. Albums Full of These

31. Can You See the 3D Picture?

32. *Submarine Noise*

33. Kickflip

34. Aaaaaaaall This

Images: origami_potato/Flickr; chillboy420, grapefruitcrafts, writtenby_suzannah, rockdelgrosso, yep_its_esha, 3cj30, obsessedwiththe90s, troyersa, jedhead93, 1kweenjola, parizblamo, heathermarie923, jennyjdaybyday, charlottejohnson90, wigglethebeagle, kanyebreast, the autumnpeople, kitsch_huntress, shopsimple_, rishajsri, samiamwoodson, acupfullofsass, _just_me_i_am/Instagram; Imgur (9); Giphy (2)