These Masks Would've Been A Hit At Sleepovers

It seems like nowadays stars are more eager than every to share their beauty secrets with their social media followers, even if that means taking a mid-facial selfie. Say good-bye to the days of ugly green masks and cucumber eyes, because SokoGlam's patterned sheet masks are making facials fun (and stylish) again. With designs ranging from Hello Kitty to pandas, I'm just bummed that these weren't around when I was having slumber parties at the age of 10.

These adorable, selfie-encouraging sheet masks are perfect for spicing up your boring skin care routine. California native and Seoul-based beauty guru Charlotte Cho started the company to help Western customers discover Korean cosmetics, according to her site. From glam-rock black lace to adorable cats, she's designed a face mask to fit every personality. There's even a clear one for all you plain Jane's out there.

Each sheet mask has a lifting, calming and moisturizing aspect to it. Using her Western-meets-Korean beauty background, Cho created a step-by-step guide to using the sheet masks to make the most out of each. Thanks to her, you can look great without scaring your roommates when you step out of the bedroom wearing a mask. I'd say that's a win-win!

Along with her adorable sheet masks, Cho also has created nail, hair, and eye masks that are equally as quirky. Each is based on a Korean beauty routine that Cho tried, fell in love with, and brought to America."The Korean skin-first philosophy involves making skin care fun and enjoyable, and not a chore," Cho told Refinery29. "Fun patterns and designs on sheet masks are proof that Korean cosmetic companies are responding to this mindset."

Cho's book, The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets For Healthy Glowing Skin , is available on pre-order. Until it arrives, we'll have to settle for scooping up her character-inspired masks and scrubs.

There's no doubt in my mind that these masks would have been a complete hit at the sleepovers I had as a kid, but it's not the only product I wish had been around in the early '00s. I can just see myself now — butterfly clips in my hair and a panda-print face mask on. Maybe I'll have to get some friends together to relive the glory days with these awesome beauty products that should be celebrated correctly — with scrunchies on and Kool-Aid Bursts flowing.

1. At-Home Shellac Kits

I thought I was awesome when I got the battery-operated nail dryer from Limited Too. Just imagine what a sleepover would be like if we could go back and actually do our nails at home on a professional scale.

(Insta-Gel Starter Kit, Sally Hansen, $17.39)

2. Kylie Hair Kouture Extensions

Instead of those awful fake hair scrunchies, Jenner could've saved us all if she were only born a little earlier. Darn you, Kris Jenner.

(Kylie Hair Kouture, Bellami Hair, $279.99)

3. H&M's Glitter Dust

It's glitter that's actually supposed to go on your face. It's genius! Not to mention it would have us looking way better at middle school football games.

(Glitter Dust, H&M, $7)

4. Makeup Remover Pads

I'd like to know where these were when I was getting drawn all over in lipstick because I fell asleep first. They would've been great for the pound of eyeliner my friends and I used to experiment with too.

(Makeup Remover Pads, Neutragena, $6.92)

5. Curling Wands

The amount of ridiculous hair curling contraptions that my friends and I tried was insane. Between my unsuccessful stints with the crimper and burning myself on weird hair rollers, the wand could've saved me from a lot of terrible school pictures.

(Wand Styler, Conair, $29.99)

Images: charlottejcho/Instagram, Courtesy Brands