Will Austin Betray Liz On 'Big Brother 17'? If He Were Smart, Here's What He'd Do

Now that her other half is gone, Austin is Liz's only true ally in Big Brother 17 . For now. At the risk of sounding dramatic, Austin and Liz's relationship is just like Jack and Rose's on the Titanic. The Big Brother house is the boat — sh*ts going down, and Austin and Liz have to figure out how to both get on that door to survive. Well, just like Jack and Rose, only one will survive — probably. If Austin is smart, he'll betray Liz and metaphorically push her off the door, if he wants any shot at winning. But is Austin too in love to do such a thing? He's been hinting at the fact that he's ready to win Big Brother over his "love" for Liz, so he might not be as blinded by love as we think.

Austin turning on Liz could arguably be the biggest betrayal in all of Big Brother history. (Lest we forget this guy has said he'll be at the Nolan Family Christmas Dinner this year.) The argument that Austin and Liz had following his Veto win was monumental for the couple — their first big fight — and for fans who are rooting against Liztin (is that all of us?), it seemed like the perfect "out" for both parties involved.

But, because we can't have nice things, Austin and Liz "got back together." But being together actually puts these two are a huge risk with only five people remaining, so it might be in their best interest to part ways (at least until the show is over). Don't believe us? Check out this week's episode of The Diary Room , Bustle's official Big Brother podcast. We talk all about Austin and Liz's almost break-up that could have helped both of their games.

So will Austin turn on Liz? It could definitely benefit his game in the long run if he would separate himself from Liz. Here's how he should do it.

"Break Up" With Liz

Send her out the door. When it comes to Austin and Liz, it's really the lesser of two evils. But if Austin were to separate from Liz, he'd need to do it big. He'd need to break-up with her and make the house think that he's not in love with her anymore. Blame it on Judas, Austin.

Let The Other's Get Liz Out

I'm not saying he needs to have a hand in actually evicting Liz, but if he gracefully steps aside as others take Liz out of the game, he could keep his hands — I'm so sorry — and get out a major competitor.

Get Out A Huge Threat

At this point, all of the remaining houseguests are threats (maybe not Johnny Mac). But if Austin has a hand in getting someone like Vanessa or Steve out (two people who have a great chance at winning this game) then the jury might see him as a huge game player who can actually manage to take out another Big Brother player — and I'm not talking about taking out a Big Brother player on a date.

Austin's a student of Big Brothersee the tattoo he has — so it would be refreshing for him to actually take on his "Judas" persona and start backstabbing.

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