11 Times 'BB's John & Steve Were Cuter Than Liztin

Very early in the summer, Steve and John became fast friends in the Big Brother house, bonding over their status as nerdy outsiders and strong players. In fact, when John returned to the house after briefly being evicted, it seems the only person who was happy to see him again was Steve, who got his best buddy back. This friendship has blossomed into a full-on bromance, and their connection has become a sweet, sweet relief from the bombardment of relationship troubles and regrettable decisions of Liztin's relationship.

Steve and John may not have a lot of time left in the house, as only five houseguests remain (with two of them openly gunning to have Steve and John evicted). Steve's smart gameplay, in conjunction with John's willingness to call people out and make big moves, might just be able to get this dynamic duo to the end of the season, in what would be the most lovably dorky Big Brother final two in history. When these two aren't playing the game, their friendship shines as they get themselves into fun conversations and silly antics across the house. It's incredibly endearing.

Here are just a few of the times where Steve and John were the cutest pair in the house:

When John Congratulated Steve After A Win

John gave a Steve a solid hug and a "good job" after Steve won HoH. Simple, honest, lovely.

When Steve Introduced John To CocoBear

CocoBear is Steve's teddy bear that he received from home when he won HoH. The awkward, nervous Steve feels comfortable enough around John to cuddle with his teddy bear during strategy talk. I hope everyone finds someone they can feel that comfortable around.

When They Co-Hosted a Veto Competition Together

These two should come back next season to host every competition.

When They Re-Arranged The Kitchen Chairs By Color

You know what they say: "Friends that casually dabble in color-coordinated interior design together, stay together."

When John Watched Steve's Goodbye Message

When he was evicted the first time, Julie asked John to say something after watching the goodbye videos. John's only response: "Steve's So Cute!"

Whenever They Cuddle

I mean, c'mon. How is that not the cutest thing on Earth? Look at Steve's face in that picture. That is what happiness looks like.

When Vanessa Acknowledged How Cute They Are

It's not just the audience, even the other houseguests see how cute these friends are.

When They Spent Time On The Hammock Together

The Big Brother hammock is cuddle-central for showmances. Clay and Shelli snuggled there, Liz and Austin were close to each other on it. John and Steve may be sitting apart, but they're definitely cuddling mentally.

When John Threw An HoH Comp So Steve Could Win

Sure, this was mostly a gameplay move on John's part. However, he wouldn't have thrown that comp to anyone else. Only Steve.

When They Studied Together For Memory Comps

Remember in college when a cute person was like "Hey you should come over and study." and they you go over and study but you know it was just an excuse to share physical space near each other? I'm not saying that's what's happening here, but it's adorable.

Whenever This Happened

I mean, come on. Give these two a sitcom immediately.

Images: CBS (2)