9 Interesting Things To Do Stoned That Might Help You Get To Know Yourself Better

Smoking weed gets a bad rap. OK, maybe not a bad rap, per se, but it definitely has a reputation as an activity for slackers. Picture someone who smokes weed and you likely conjure an image of an overweight guy in his underwear, sitting on the couch watching TV. But if you yourself are a woman who smokes weed, you know better, and have probably done plenty of fun, interesting things stoned.

While I've written before about how weed can be abused just like any other substance and how smoking weed can certainly make me lazy, when used in moderation, I find it can also help me become incredibly introspective and function as a fun aid in getting to know myself better. Personally, while alcohol tends to simply make me more outgoing and get me in the mood for trouble, marijuana will often make me feel more reflective, creative, and even body positive.

Over my decade of recreational use, I've found that while it is sometimes fun to just smoke and watch Broad City , there are plenty of fun things to do high that also have the added benefit of helping me see myself more mindfully.

Not sure what the hell I'm talking about, damn hippie? Read on for nine ways I've leveraged getting high to my introspective benefit.

1. Make Some Art

The benefits of coloring are well documented — a little time with a coloring book and some crayons can yield everything from stress reduction to increased focus — but we tend to prevent ourselves from enjoying this meditative and creative activity as adults because we think we've outgrown it, or "aren't artists."

Well, here's a good rule of thumb: pretty much anything that you used to do as a little kid (including playing dress-up) is still fun. Especially when you're high. So next time you're riding the green haze (a thing I just made up ... you think we can make it catch on?), try pulling out that adult coloring book and some pens, put on some tunes, and go to town. Or better yet, finger paint.

If you're with a partner or friend, just watch how much more relaxed and open your conversation becomes. It's amazing what our minds become free to do when our hands are occupied.

2. Sort Through Your Closet

This might sound like a horrible thing to do anytime, let alone when you're high; but if you're the type who sometimes gets a kick out of organization, this can actually be a lot of fun — not to mention, productive.

I find that when I'm high, I'm more easily able to get rid of those pieces that just aren't me anymore, but that I have been holding onto out of guilt or attachment. Sometimes, it's a little easier to see things as they are when you're stoned (which is part of what makes some people freak out, if they're in a bad place). For me, that perspective is super useful when it comes to figuring out just what my style is right now, rather than what I might think it "should" be.

3. Masturbate

I'm pretty sure this has been a suggestion on every single list I've ever written, but hey, there's a reason. The benefits of masturbation and orgasm are well documented — from increased body positivity to a heightened immune system — but there's reason I especially enjoy this activity stoned.

I find that different things come up for me when I masturbate or have sex stoned. I might have a harder time coming, or an easier time. I might find I'm having thoughts or fantasies that I wouldn't otherwise. I might feel like watching porn I haven't wanted to watch before. I just try to be honest about my desires — and follow them. I try to notice whatever's happening, without judgement, and try to pay attention to the sensations in my body and breath. It helps me be more honest and present the next time I'm having sex sober, though of course, it's different for everyone.

4. Take A Hot Bath Or Shower

This just feels great. If you take a bath, put bubbles in it and light a candle, listen to music, or read. If you're in the shower, take your time and think of this as a chance to pamper yourself. Lather up, or shave slowly. The sensations will feel amazing, and you're pretty much going to be the picture of self-care.

5. Try To Meditate

Yes, I know this sounds like the worst possible time to try to empty your mind, but luckily, that's not really what meditation is all about.

Mindfulness meditation, anyway, is more about noticing your own thought patterns as a detached observer. I know that when I'm stoned, I'm often in a good position to do this anyway, since my normal thought patterns are somewhat disrupted and accentuated.

Try putting on a chill song, closing your eyes, and simply noticing what thoughts pop into your head. Pull yourself back to your breath when you start to wander off with them. You could also light a candle and simply place your attention on the flame, for extra groovy points.

6. Listen To Your Hunger

When you're stoned, sometimes you get the munchies. And if you're a woman especially, sometimes you might have a lot of baggage around said munchies.

But being high is actually a great time to reprogram some of your associations with food. If you feel snacky, you could try asking yourself: What am I actually craving right now? If I could eat one thing, what would it be?

Then, you could try something truly radical: allow yourself to go and eat it, without judgement. As you eat, see if you can try to slow down and focus on the taste, the sensations, and the pleasure of your food. Try to promise yourself that you will listen to your body and let it decide when you're full, rather than deciding how much to eat based on the amount you think you "should" consume.

Though you may imagine this ending with you eating until you're sick, that actually isn't what happens for me — in fact, often, by honoring how much food I want and my desires, I'm more likely to end up eating the amount that's right for me and my body.

7. Confront Your Own Image

When you're stoned, you usually have some interesting outside perspective on yourself — so if you want to see something truly mind-blowing, take a hand mirror and check out your vag.

If you're not in the mood, you could also try one of my favorite body image exercises, which is to confront your full body in the mirror while standing up (this is great sober as well, which goes for all of these, obviously). Look at yourself in the mirror, and then turn the inward narrative out. Tell yourself what you're feeling. What do you like about what you see? What don't you like? By forcing yourself to say your feelings about your body to your own face, you have the potential to make friends with it and reprogram your inner critic.

For extra fun-and-trippy points, you could also do this by recording yourself on Photobooth, looking at yourself as you speak your inner narrative about what you see, and then playing it back to yourself afterwards.

8. Go See Live Music Alone

I'm a big proponent of women doing more stuff out alone. One of my favorite activities to do alone, stoned or otherwise, is to go see live jazz.

I'm lucky that I live in New York, where there's plenty of jazz, but even if you live somewhere else, see if you can find some live music. You'll be able to let your mind wander as you watch, and I know that I feel less self-conscious sitting alone when I have someone besides the bartender to place my attention on. If you're a writer or artist, you could also bring a journal to write down your thoughts and sketches as you listen.

Of course, it's different in every city and bar, but I find that going out alone is nothing to be afraid of. People won't tend to bother me if I look busy scribbling, and if I want to meet new people, my emboldened state helps me make some eye contact.

9. Dance On Your Own

This might sound like a silly thing to do — and it is. But it's also really fun, and in my experience, it helps cultivate lots of body positivity. When I put on the tunes I loved to dance to as a teen (Beyonce, Shakira, and the Save The Last Dance soundtrack — all the way) I find myself uninhibited in a way I just can't access when I'm in public. Sometimes, it's important to dance knowing no one's watching.

While I also love to do this for exercise and a dose of self-love while sober, I've found that dancing alone high makes things next-level fun. I'm already open and less likely to judge my own moves — and it feels great to be hyperaware of how good it feels just to move my body, and how sexy I really am. I highly recommend it.

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