Vivienne Westwood Protested Fracking Like A Badass

While the majority of the fashion world once again flocked to New York for a week of runway shows and designer parties, Vivienne Westwood drove a tank to Prime Minister David Cameron's house to protest fracking. Regardless of where you stand on the controversial issue, you have to admit this is a legit badass move for the influential fashion designer. On Sept. 11, Westwood rode on top of an armored infantry carrier from the English town of Witney to Cameron's home in Chadlington, Oxfordshire in response to the British government issuing fracking licenses last month that will affect more than a thousand square miles of English countryside.

Westwood released the following statement about her anti-fracking protest:

“Cameron accuses foreign leaders such as President Gaddafi and President Assad of supposedly using chemicals on their own people as a justification for regime change. But he is doing precisely that here in Britain by forcing toxic, life-threatening fracking chemicals on his own people against the advice of his own chief scientist. It’s time for regime change in Britain. Cameron plans to force householders to surrender their land and endure fracking underneath their homes. Britons no longer have any choice but to fight back.”
LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Unfortunately, the Prime Minister (and distant cousin of the Kardashians) was at another speaking engagement in Leeds during the protest. Westwood, on the other hand, got her message across like a total boss.

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Of course, this isn't the first time the queen of punk rock couture proved she was a total badass. Here are a few other provocative fashion statements she has made during her career.

1. "Yes" Badge

For her spring/summer 2015 show, Westwood and her models walked down the runway wearing the "Yes" badge in support of Scottish independence from the U.K.

2. "I Am Not A Terrorist"

In 2007, Westwood designed a line of infant t-shirts with the words "I am not a terrorist. Please don't arrest me." written on them.

3. "Save The Arctic"

This past summer, Westwood teamed up with Greenpeace and a bunch of celebrities like George Clooney and Kate Moss for this environmentally aware campaign.