Steve’s Mom On ‘Big Brother' 17 Is So Adorable

Whether or not you’re on Team Steve on Big Brother 17, you have to admit: The guy is pretty adorable. He’s incredibly sensitive, so sweetly socially awkward, and so damn sincere I can’t even take it. But, do you know who is more adorable than Steve? Steve’s mother, Kathy Moses. Steve has talked openly about how he became a Big Brother fan as a child: He and his mother used to watch the show together and discuss strategy and gameplay throughout the various seasons. But when Steve won Head of Household on Day 78 and received a letter from his father about what had been happening in his hometown while he had been in the Big Brother house, it became even more clear that his mother is just about the most adorable thing ever.

And it’s no surprise. If you, like me, follow the entire Moses family on Twitter, then you know that the most sincere members of Team Steve are Steve’s family. His sister, brother, mother, and father are constantly tweeting their support of the Big Brother houseguest, often with childhood pictures and fond memories that fans totally eat up. OK, fine. That I totally eat up. What can I say? I can’t get enough of that cute face.

But Steve’s most adorable family member, by far, is his mother. Not only because he looks just like her — really, it’s uncanny — but because they have so many things in common. Like the fact that she is a huge music nerd. In the letter he penned to Steve during his HoH reign, Steve’s father let him know what his mother had been up to, including playing multiple instruments in the musical. She apparently played the saxophone, clarinet, and flute in one performance. Even though Steve is a brass player at heart (#trombonists!) and his mom is a total woodwind, it’s clear that their shared interests go beyond watching and rooting for Big Brother.

And then there’s the fact that she thinks so highly of her son. Like when she compared his gameplay to Michael Corleone from The Godfather. Um, could she be more adorable? I’m not so sure I see the comparison, but it’s pretty cute that she thinks socially awkward Steve is at the same level as the infamous gangster.

And if she weren’t cute enough with her Steve love, she even made t-shirts! That’s right. You can order them online. Shirts made by Steve’s mom to show your support of Steve or Big Brother or trombonists in general.

Seriously. There is no mom more adorable than Steve’s.

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Image: CBS