Jane Aldridge Doesn't Have Red Hair Anymore...

Blogosphere celeb fashionistas usually have some signature style identity and, for Jane Aldridge, that little niche look is long flaming red hair. Well ladies and gentlemen, Sea of Shoes' Jane Aldridge ditched her red hair for a dark and dramatic chestnut brown earlier today, as revealed in Byrdie. And if that wasn't enough of a jaw-dropper "say whaaaat" moment for you Aldridge lovers out there, she also cut off her long locks in favor of a short, choppy lob.

The move might seem dramatic and shocking, but it turns out Aldridge had been plotting it for awhile. She told Byrdie, "My mom and I … were styling a lot of bulky structured ’80s pieces, feeling really excited about the story we wanted to tell with them. Something wasn’t right with the styling, and we both agreed that it was my hair ...The bright hair took away too much from the clothes." Dang, sacrificing your locks to pull of some vintage is a level of commitment I'm willing to suspect few have.

From the time I started following Aldridge, her firecracker locks seemed like a permanent style fixture. Alas, she is absolutely rocking the brown now and I have to say, I don't hate it.

Turns out, Aldridge has never been afraid to shake up her hair. I took a deep dive into her social media, and the Sea Of Shoes fashionista has undergone quite a beauty transformation over the years.

The former red head was quite the blondie back in 2010

Before very subtly transitioning into red

Adding a little more


She never looked back.

I mean, dayum girl.

Still, I have to say, as much as I loved her fiery red hair, her dark brown lob is giving me major fall hair goals.

I wonder how long it'll last! Maybe we can expect some trendy colombre hair next?