21 Funny Shows On Netflix That Will Make You LOL

We all know that choosing what funny shows to watch on Netflix is one of the most important decisions we must make in life (alongside what kind of pizza to order). I mean priorities, am I right? If you're anything like me, then you probably usually end up wasting the majority of your precious marathon-watching time just trying to settle on the right title to match how you're feeling at the moment, and it can be hard to find something that's actually exactly what you want to watch. And something that's really, truly funny? That's even harder.

If you've made it past step one and know that you want to laugh out loud while watching a show — great. But as we know, the blessing/curse that is Netflix is having all of those options at our fingertips and no sure way of knowing what we'll like and what we won't without watching them all — and who has time for that? After conducting a little research and diving into the depths of Netflix's current TV comedy section, I pulled out a variety of gems that are sure to strike your funny bone[ as they do mine] CUT. And since our funny bones are all constructed a little differently and we just can't all have the same sense of humor, there should be something here for everyone. If not, you can throw your popcorn at me. I'll eat it up in my humorless shame. Here are 21 shows on Netflix that will make you laugh.

1. IT Crowd


This British sitcom centers on the goofy, brilliant, yet totally inept members of the IT department of the fictional Reynholm Industries. The best part? Aside from the fact that their office is set in a dingy basement and their department head has zero IT knowledge, we never really [know] FIND OUT what the company even does.

2. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp

If you loved the movie, be sure to check out this prequel to the cult classic. This satirical comedy is set on the first day of camp and the whole cast is back, playing younger versions of themselves and ready to embark on the most defining summer of their lives at Camp Firewood. Talking vegetable cans, toxic sludge, rivalries, young love, and heartbreak — everything is fair game.

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Because after 15 years in a doomsday cult, what else do you do but start anew in New York City? Written by Tina Fey, the series follows the lovable Kimmy Schmidt, as she tries to navigate the Big Apple in all her enthusiastic naiveté.

4. Grace and Frankie

If there's anything that can bring lifelong rivals together, it's when their husbands have fallen in love with each other and want to get married. This one is hilarious, and Lily Tomlin is amazing in it.

5. Peep Show


This show is all about the tragic humor that is adjusting to the professional world. Mark is cynical, socially awkward, and yet fairly professionally stable, while Jez is a pocket full of sunshine, despite his failure to make it as a musician because he's just not as talented as he thinks. Naturally, the two make the perfect pair of roommates as they try to figure it all out together.

6. Short Poppies

In this New Zealand mockumentary, journalist David Farrier sets out to interview the not-so-average locals, all played by Rhys Darby. It's fun, it's silly, and it's definitely chuckle material.

7. New Girl

New Girl comes with all the fun Zooey Deschanel-esque quirks that you can imagine when she moves in with three dudes after being cheated on. It's a great depiction of the most ridiculous and awkward roommate situations you'll come across as everyone's just trying to get their sh*t together along the way.

8. BoJack Horseman

Feeling a little '90s nostalgia? Well, humanoid horse BoJack is back. The star of the '90s sitcom Horsin' Around returns to the spotlight in all his washed-up celeb glory in this brilliant satire of Hollywood's celebrity culture and the film industry, as he recounts his autobiography to his ghostwriter.

9. Doc Martin

In this British medical comedy-drama, successful, sophisticated, and sassy Doc Martin, a vascular surgeon in London, suddenly develops a fear of blood. Oh the irony! This forces him to return to the small town where he spent his childhood days, where he encounters all of the frustrations that come with transitioning to the rural life and its locals.

10. Portlandia

It's not hipster if you ironically call it hipster, right? This is the hipster show to end all hipster shows. Set in the hipster haven of Portland, Oregon, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein play an array of eccentric characters whilst lightly poking fun at the laidback, offbeat culture of the Pacific Northwest. Bicycles, locally sourced food, feminist bookshops, hip-hop study sessions — it has it all. My favorite part? For any of you Twin Peaks fans, Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is the freakin' mayor.

11. Don’t Trust The B In Apt 23

Hailed as this generation's Odd Couple, it's the perfectly charming story of weirdly compatible roommates that couldn't be any more different. June is the uptight and high maintenance sweetheart from the Midwest, trying to make a life for herself in Manhattan. Chloe's just the straight up no-nonsense b*tch. And fate gloriously brings them together. Oh, and our boy James Van Der Beek is back from the Creek, playing a comedic version of himself. So it basically can't get any better.

12. Archer


In this animated adult comedy, Sterling Archer seems to have it all — he's suave, handsome, and a master spy engaging in global espionage. He's like James Bond... only not as smooth, totally clueless when it comes to his personal life, and a real mama's boy. Archer works for his badass mom and alongside his ex-girlfriend who he's totally still in love with. Needless to say, this all amounts to some gloriously uncomfortable situations when it comes to saving the world.

13. Bob's Burgers


From a pretty boy secret agent to a lovable family man who runs his own burger restaurant, H. Jon Benjamin (also the voice of Archer) comes into this show as Bob Belcher. This animated sitcom centers on the Belcher family, who live right above their not-so-successful restaurant that only seems to run into the most bizarre, bad luck situations.

14. Trailer Park Boys


This is a Canadian mockumentary that ridiculously follows the lives of a group of trailer park residents, most notably the ex-convict protagonists. They try to scrape up money through all sorts of silly illegal shenanigans and constantly find themselves in and out of jail, despite the perceived genius of their plans.

15. Lilyhammer


It's a Norwegian-American gangster comedy. What more do you need to know? As a New York mobster relocates to Norway as part of the Witness Protection Program, it's such a quirky take on the humor of culture shock without overdoing it.

16. Louie

Louis C.K. is just the kind of guy you want to go grab a beer and pizza with at three in the morning and give no sh*ts about anything. In this hyperbolized account of his life, it follows the stand-up comedian as he navigates the awkwardness of a recent divorce and raising two girls in New York City. Plus there are snippets of some of his stand-up which are hilarious. (Louie despises the overuse of that word, but I promise it's absolutely fitting here.)

17. The League


The frenzied obsession with fantasy football comes to the fore in this sitcom about a group of friends who can't seem to differentiate between the game and reality. I mean they'll do pretty much anything to win. Sound familiar to anyone?

18. Parks and Recreation


All I have to say is Amy Poehler. She plays the ambitious Leslie Knope, a mid-level bureaucrat who's determined to make a difference in her small Indiana town. But as politics go, she encounters her fair share of road blocks, from corrupt colleagues to stubborn neighbors. Within all its humor, the show is also able to gracefully address and poke fun at the mismanaged societal issues we all know totally suck.

19. 30 Rock


And all I have to say here is Tina Fey. In comes Liz Lemon, the head writer of a comedy sketch show in New York, who's just trying to do it all with minimal food and drink stains on her clothing. Yeah, you can say it's very loosely based on Saturday Night Live. It's packed with snappy punchlines, ridiculous characters, their even bigger egos, and just overall great writing.

20. Arrested Development


Nothing is ever quite normal with the Bluth family. After his father is sent to prison for white-collar crime, Michael Bluth tries to run the family real estate business while catering to the whims of his crazy family. Oh, and they also own a frozen banana stand run by George Michael (Michael Cera) which is just wonderful in and of itself.

21. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia


Because what's better than running a pub with your best friends in Philadelphia? This sitcom centers on The Gang, perhaps the most unproductive and dysfunctional combination of people to run any sort of business — but that's what makes this show so damn funny.

So whenever you're in need of that extra LOL in your life, please scroll on over to any one of these shows soon. They should do the trick beautifully.

Images: Giphy (11); Bob's Burgers/FOX