'90s Movies You Loved As A Kid Despite Being Too Young To "Get" Them

When I was a kid, plopping down in front of the TV and watching movies was pretty much the number one pastime. It kept me entertained for two hours while keeping me out of my parents' hair — so basically a win-win situation for everyone involved. I think most of us can admit, however, that we ended up watching movies we really had no business seeing at such a young age. Sure, I watched my share of Hocus Pocus and The Princess Bride, but I also came across some R-rated stuff that I absolutely loved. That's not to say I was watching anything explicit when I was a kid, necessarily, but that I'm sure we all loved some movies as kids that weren't actually for kids at all, right?

Whether your parents strictly monitored what you were watching or not, there's no way they could watch you all the time, and chances are you were exposed to movies when you sleeping over at a friend's place or visiting with older cousins or whatever that you knew were a bit naughty (and that's partly why they were so great). If you watch some of them now, you'd probably realize that you missed out on so much of what they were all about, and that shows just how innocent our child brains were.

Pretty Woman

You likely vaguely understood that Pretty Woman was about a prostitute, but you were too young to really even get what a prostitute was and what was happening in the movie. You probably just loved Julia Roberts' hair and your mom thought Richard Gere was "a fine looking honey" (yes, that's a direct quote from mine), so Pretty Woman was your jam.

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My best friend and I used to quote the line, "Is that your accomplice in the, uh, woodchipper there?" complete with our terrible version of a Midwestern accent. Never mind that this movie was about murder and corruption, Frances McDormand rocked and you must've watched this about 50 times. You were a strange child, sure, but it was a '90s classic.

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Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction was clearly not a movie meant for children. It was chock full of drugs, violence, and bad language, but that didn't stop you from watching it. You would dance along with Uma Thurman and you knew the line about the Royale with cheese by heart, because of course you did.

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Forrest Gump

Everyone of every age loved Forrest Gump, and for good reason. It was an inspiring and heartwarming story, but more so for adults who could actually understand the complexities of Forrest's life and his relationship with Jenny. Nevertheless, you probably spent a lot of time on the playground quoting this movie in Forrest's accent, and you're not even ashamed.

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Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands wasn't not a kids movie, but it wasn't actually one, either. You probably just idolized Winona Ryder and thought it was super romantic. Maybe one day you'd find your own Edward Scissorhands, only hopefully he'd be less pale and, you know, not have scissors for hands.

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Fight Club

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton were in this, which was enough for your pre-teen brain. Sure, it was super gory and Helena Bonham Carter was nuts, but it was fun to watch. Thankfully you didn't understand the messed up message behind the thing.

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Silence Of The Lambs

This one likely scared the crap out of you, but you really loved that about it. You probably woke up and had to sleep in your parents' bed some nights after watching it because you were afraid Hannibal Lecter was going to come get you, but you still told everyone it was your favorite movie.

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Now, don't get me started about TV....

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