How Big Is Eros? 'Below Deck' Charter Guests Get A Ton Of Space On The Mega-Yacht

Cabin fever is spreading like crazy over on Season 3 of Below Deck, and the crew members have gotten on one another's nerves nonstop. Since they've been blaming the cabin's close quarters for many of their disagreements, I had to wonder, how big is Eros? Could it really be small enough to make even the most professional yachties hate one another? While their sleeping quarters are certainly uncomfortably small, I don't think the crew can blame the ship. It is huge, even for a Below Deck yacht. Actually, it's series' biggest one yet, as according to Yacht Charter World, Eros is just over 160 feet long, which is on the large side for a charter yacht.

Even though the crew might be at one another's throats, that doesn't mean the guests are cramped. If anything, the crew is sacrificing their mental health in order to make the Eros as pleasant as possible for the guests. Every square inch of space is taken out of the crew's area in order to maximize how much space there is for the guests to hang out and walk around. Actually, even though you technically can't really leave the boat, the Eros isn't limited whatsoever — there's nothing you can't do if you're a Below Deck guest.

1. You Can Run A 5K If You Lap The Deck 100 Times

Training for a race? Want to keep your exercise routine going while you're on vacation? Run around the 160-foot deck about a hundred times, and you'll get three miles, or 5K.

2. There's Plenty Of Space On The Deck For All Of Your Guests

That's handy if you're playing some sort of "the floor is lava" game or you all want tans but hate chairs — but the deck, which has been shown on every single episode of Below Deck, can easily accommodate all 10 of your potential guests.

3. That Annoying Hot Tub? It Won't Make The Whole Place Humid

Have you ever lived in an apartment so small that whenever you take a shower the whole place would feel like a sauna? Probably not, if you're rich enough to book a week-long charter for almost $200,000. But worry not — with all of that space, the hot tub won't ruin anything.

4. There Are 2 Dining Rooms

If over the course of a week or two you get tired of eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the same scenery, why not switch to the more formal dining space?

5. If You Hate 1 Of Your Guests, You Don't Have To See Them

160 feet, the length of Eros, is like the width of a professional football field. And while it's not as wide as it is long, football coaches manage to yell at their teams on either side of the field without overhearing one another, and that's without tons of fun yacht stuff in the way. So if you brought along a guest but don't want to have to deal with them? No worries, so long as they stick to the bow and you stay near the stern. Take it as a chance to indulge your Titanic dreams, like the above Season 3 charter guest.

6. You Don't Have To Hear Anything From Below Deck

And I mean that literally: the Eros is big enough that you'll be far away from all of the reality show drama. There's no way that Rocky's screams of boredom are audible from the guest quarters, so there's no chance that your vacation bliss will be ruined by the shouts of the crew ironing your T-shirts for the tenth time. And that's the true privilege of Eros' size: total freedom from confronting the Below Deck stars onboard.

Images: Virginia Sherwood, Screengrab (4)/Bravo