Miss Georgia Crowned 2016's Miss America

When competitors from 50 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico took the Miss America 2016 stage on Sept. 13, we all knew that only one would take home the title. The 2016 Miss America winner is Miss Georgia, Betty Cantrell. Thus begins her year-long reign that will include press tours, endorsements, and a never-ending excuse to wear a crown and sash like the rest of us only wish we could.

Cantrell will take home $50,000 in scholarship money, a rent-free apartment in New York City for a year, and tons of free fashion and beauty goodies to keep her looking gorgeous throughout her reign. More importantly, though, she'll have the opportunity to use her platform to raise awareness for her chose cause, which is health and wellness for children.

Originally from Warner Robins, Georgia, this 20-year-old has an incredible vocal range, which she showcased during her operatic performance during the talent competition. However, she still looked nervous before the crowning, most likely pondering her competition snafus. During the evening gown portion of the competition, she tripped. During the final interviews, she was asked an oddly out-of-place question about the Tom Brady scandal and gave an equally perplexing answer. However, it clearly didn't affect the judges' opinions of her, and she beat out six other finalists to take the crown.

Ladies and gentleman, here's to Miss America 2016. May her reign be fruitful, prosperous, and completely free from questions about Tom Brady and Deflategate.

Images: Courtesy ABC